Walk In Cafe & Grandparents Home

Someone once said that the Ayutthaya is like a lonely nobleman, with a long culture and ancient historical relics. The Buddha statue sitting on the lotus seat is guarding the small city, guarding the tranquility and auspiciousness here, waiting for traveler’s arrival inadvertently. When talking about Ayutthaya, people always think of Buddhist temples first, such as Mahathat, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Bo Phi Temple, etc. There are many large and small temples in the Ayutthaya, and it is not easy to visit them one by one.

Most people travel to Ayutthaya in a hurry, and just for seeing these Buddhist temples. Therefore, most people’s impression of the Ayutthaya remains in the historical relics, but some new culture is missing. In fact, Ayutthaya can also be described as petty bourgeoisie, literary art, and freshness. Here is a recommendation for everyone about a private restaurant in Ayutthaya, whose taste and environment are superb.

Ayutthaya is not big, and coffee shops and restaurants are definitely incomparable with Chiang Mai and Bangkok, but there are still many good shops if you really want to look for them. Walk In Cafe & Grandparents Home is one of them. The shop seems to be in a garden, as it is surrounded by green plants. The wooden chairs and white window grilles in the shop are not fancy and make people feel comfortable.

The main item in the store is ice cream hot pot. When you open the official FB, almost all the photos are of different styles of ice cream. The ice cream is held in a small pot with dry ice under the pot. When it is brought up, you can see it from a distance, as if it is “fairy” and the weight is not small at all. In addition to ice cream, smoothies of various flavors are also an artifact to cool off the heat.

Hot pot, cakes, and pasta are also recommended dishes in the store, each of which is full of portion. Like the hot pot, there are shrimps, squid, mussels, crab sticks, eggs, and other side dishes. After a meal here, all the heat and fatigue are probably dispelled.

Address: 19/40 Naresuan Road Arch Ayutthaya

Time: 11:00-20:00, closed on Monday

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