The Thai Human Imagery Museum

The Thai Human Imagery Museum

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is located in Nakhon Pathom. Opened in 1989, it is the first wax museum in Thailand which is made of fiberglass figures. It aims to promote the culture and art of Thailand. The wax works in the museum are the artistic crystallization integrating the artistry, ideology and folk customs of the Thai people, including not only the statues of the Kings and monks of the Bangkok dynasty, but also the real-life scenes of the Thai people.

The waxworks of Thai Human Imagery Museum are made by famous Thai waxworks through years of hard work and painstaking efforts. Most of them are based on Thai historical stories and folk tales. There are 40 life-size wax figures. All parts of the body are lifelike and real. And it is difficult to tell them from the real person. There are not only the famous King Rama I to V ’s “meetings” with the monarchs, but also monks sitting upright there, and there are ordinary people in daily life. Under the auspices of light and scenery, all of them are vivid, but the true and fake figures are indistinguishable. In addition to individual wax figures, there are 26 wax figure groups. Among the characters, there are men and women, old and young, stories and plots, and it has quite a strong sense of movement. The portraits on display are all made of fiberglass, and the skin is soft and elastic. Skin tone, pores and even skin scars of the wax figures all look like that of real people. Here you can not only enjoy Thai cultural and artistic treasures, but also learn about Thai cultural allusions and history.

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is located 31 kilometers west of Bangkok. There is a daily shuttle bus to the museum from the Southern District Bus Station. In addition, if you are driving or renting a car from Bangkok, you can drive along the Pinklao-NakhonChaisi highway for about 40 minutes.

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