Thai Temples You May Not Know About

When it comes to Thailand, we have to mention the Thai temples! Now we recommend some beautiful temples in Thailand that you may not know. Although these temples are not very famous, they are not inferior to the mainstream Thai temples in terms of scenery, culture, and architecture. Even for tourists pursuing artistic conception, these unpopular temples may be more in line with the ethereal and lonely feeling of temples in their hearts.

Wat Phiphat Mongkol

This ancient Thai temple has a history of more than 700 years. The architecture in the temple is very artistic, and the overall color and feel are quite different from temples in other places. If anyone wants to learn more about Lanna’s art, they can take a visit here.

Wat Mae Nang Pluem

As a temple of the same old age, the reputation of this temple may not be as high as the one above, but it can better ensure the quiet and ethereal atmosphere of the temple. This peaceful temple is full of religious relics left over from ancient times, allowing you to deeply feel Thai Buddhist culture and find a quiet place in the impetuous world. This temple is not very far from Bangkok. If you have the opportunity, you can witness it with your own eyes.

Wat Nerng Chamnong

Wat Nerng Chamnong is also a relatively small temple, but it is very suitable for relaxing your mood. The temple itself is not very far from Bangkok. It is about an hour’s drive away. Anyone who is interested can visit it by yourself.

Wat Roi Phra Phutthabat Phu Manorom

The Wat Roi Phra Phutthabat Phu Manorom has now become a new landmark in Mukdahan. This sculpture of Naga snake is beautiful and attractive, which is very eye-catching.

Wat Pha Tak Suea

You will never believe that there is place with such unique scenery in Thailand. Walking in this temple will really give you the illusion of walking in the clouds. This is also one of the most worth visiting attractions in Nong Khai.

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