Spending a Romantic Honeymoon Tour in Southeast

With the level of life-living, the wedding become more important than before, and the honeymoon after marriage has also been an indispensable part. Well, your wedding will be more perfect if there is a sweet honeymoon trip. Then, where to spend your valuable honeymoon tour? From the whole world, I believe Southeast Travel has been known to many people, of course include the familiar Thailand honeymoon trip. Let me introduce some interesting places.


Thailand – a romantic, charming and exotic country, has been loved by people from all over the world because of its high cost performance and rich tourism resources, and especially you have often heard of Thailand Honeymoon Tour! There is local customs, ocean and nature waterfall without any pollution, cultural monuments… well, all of this has embellished the whole Thailand – where you can feel the fusion of history and modernity.

If you both like noisy and crowded, you have better to Phuket, where is full of hustle and bustle, much fun there. If you wanna stay in silent, the Koh Samui island should be listed on your schedule. On the island, there is no hustle and bustle, but more peace, you can feel the pastimes and freedom, and of course absolutely safety. In the day time, you can enjoy the shinning blue coast and clear sky, while in the evening, you can sit at the beach an watch the sunset. How beautiful a scene!


Maldives – its name is so popular and has been appeared on big screen usually! There is floating hours in Maldives (actually Thailand also have floating house, even market.), which is unique experience. The honeymoon resort here is well-known for great service, and also here is a welcoming paradise.


Pu Qhuoc Island, Vietnam

Pu Qhuoc island is one of Vietnam’s hidden paradise. ‘Cause it is relatively quiet when comparing to the other coastal attractions. Although it is quiet, it is easy to get there, motorcycle rental tours are popular. During your honeymoon period, there is many things to do here – experience a snorkeling or scuba diving to have a look at the underwater beauty.


Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar is a country famous for its culture and temple architecture. Since there is most of Buddhists in this country, the building here was affected. I think, the most suitable for honeymoon in Myanmar is Bagan – the most original nature beauty in Myanmar there will attracts you to explorer, and you can obviously feel the architecture and atmosphere are different from other countries. Apart from this, a romantic sunset views and with hot-air balloon are waiting for you.

There is so many places are deserve for honeymoon tour, or common visit. Maybe you can find more interested thing and fun if you come. In my eyes, a honeymoon trip in Thailand will be the most popular and unforgettable!

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