Reasons to Travel to Pattaya

Various Festivals and Activities

The Pattaya Music Festival, held every March in Pattaya Beach and Town, is definitely a festival not to be missed. At that time, Pattaya’s seaside walks will turn into outdoor concert venues, which will be very spectacular! The music festival lasts three days and includes walking street festivals (touring events) and three types of free concerts. For the free concert, the red stage is for pop, rock and country music; the green stage is for jazz; the blue stage is for Hindi, hip-hop and R & B music. Similarly, the Tiffany Shemale Beauty Contest held in March is also a world-famous event. If you are lucky enough to catch up, you will meet the Thailand’s shemale group. The must-have items in the beauty contest, such as flower parade and talent shows, are worth watching.

Lots of Shopping Malls

The business district of Pattaya is mainly concentrated on the southern highway two and the seafront road. The business district brings together world-famous brands and some Thai local brands that are very distinctive. The choice for shopping is wide, and it is not inferior to Bangkok. Pattaya’s well-known shopping malls are as follows: Royal Garden Bazaar Shopping Center, Central Festival that is Pattaya’s largest department store, King Power Pattaya Branch and Outlets. Thai chain supermarket Big C is also a good choice.

Convenient Transportations

Pattaya’s urban area is not large. Even if you walk around the city, it won’t take much time. The traffic in the city is very simple. There are two main north-south roads: Beach Road and Pattaya Road 2. There are no bus lines in the city, but you can take the songthaew or rent a motorcycle. In addition, from Bangkok by car to Pattaya, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach Pattaya. In addition, you can also take long-distance buses or trains. There are also direct flights from Pattaya to Phuket and Koh Samui!

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