Oub Kham Museum

Oub Kham Museum is a private museum with Lanna architecture. It showcases the royal objects of the Lanna dynasty that are carefully collected by the owner over the years, including dragon robes, antiques, ceramics, Buddha statues, crowns and more. The design of the museum reflects the intentions of the owner, and the landscape with the exhibits is also eye-opening. Whether it is an artificial cave, a rockery or a fountain, it is very delicate. In addition, when you open the door, you will see a variety of colorful jewelry antiques, giving people a very surprising feeling, which is shocking and gorgeous.

Although the Oub Kham Museum is not large, it systematically displays the exquisite artworks of the Naran Dynasty in Thailand. It can be seen that there are mainly religious or royal related items, and it also includes some furniture furnishings, which are all exquisite. And most of them are common gold ornaments. The courtyard design is very unique, and it is also good to take photos here.

The curator of the Oub Kham Museum is a collection of personal hobbies. From northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and many cities in southern China, there collected many precious Buddha statues, costumes, accessories and so on. Oub Kham Museum has been established for more than 30 years and is open to the outside world for 20 years. Tickets are 300 baht, and it is worth coming in because the museum is so beautiful! The colorful collection, the perfect protection system, and the beautiful overall building also attract tourists to visit the Oub Kham Museum. The Oub Kham Museum is helpful for anyone who wants to learn about the history and culture of northern Thailand, as many of the collections here provide insight into the history of the Lanna Kingdom.

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