Maya Bay

Maya Bay belongs to Phi Phi Island National Park and is located on the west coast of Ko Phi Phi Le. It was famous for making the Hollywood movie “The Beach”. The sea is clear and the sand is white and delicate. Many classic photos of the Phi Phi islands are taken here. However, there are no corals in this area, and tropical fish are rarely seen.

Maya Bay is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Although the beach is not large, it is white. The cliffs of hundreds of meters are extraordinary, protecting Maya Bay like a huge hand. The water is blue and the shore is dotted with delicate coconut trees. It has the typical tropical island atmosphere, making it very suitable for taking pictures and diving.

Speedboats from Phuket or Ko Phi Phi Don to Ko Phi Phi Le or Maya Bay for a 1-day snorkeling trip cost around 1,000 Baht per person, and 3200 Baht for a deep diving trip. Of course, you can also choose to take the long-tail boat, the price ranges from 500-800 Baht. You can find an agent to book after arriving in the local area. It usually starts around 9:00 am and ends around 15:00 pm, which includes round trip transfers and simple lunch.

Departing from Phuket, it takes more than an hour by speedboat one way. It is recommended that older people do not go there, as it is easier to get tired. Generally, for departure from Ko Phi Phi Don, you can participate in speedboat half-day or one-day excursion, the time will be more abundant. The water for snorkeling is very clear, but Maya Bay is always overcrowded. Pay attention to safety when you are playing and keep your belongings.

In addition to snorkeling, there are several famous attractions on Ko Phi Phi Le, such as Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, and Lover Beach. If you take the long-tail boat, you can go around the island to take some visits to them.

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