Koh Samui Restaurants Comparison

Green Bird Restaurant

The food in the restaurant has various rice set, such as chicken rice set, beef rice set, seafood rice set. The so-called rice set is very similar to the Chinese rice bowl. One plate contains one rice and one stir-fried dish. The portion is just right, and it is more in line with the average girl’s appetite, if it is not enough, you can order other food, the price is very cheap anyway. The best-selling dish in the restaurant is the seafood set rice, which contains shrimp, crab, and scallops, and they are stir-fried into the hot and sour flavor. It is delicious and refreshing with a glass of freshly squeezed watermelon juice. And the total price is only 90 baht.

Zazen Restaurants

Zazen Restaurant in Koh Samui is a five-star restaurant belonging to the Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa. It is ranked among the top ten restaurants in the world and has won many world-class dining awards. Dining here is a physical and mental enjoyment. The restaurant has a full range of cuisines with a variety of flavors. The specialties include pineapple rice, hot and sour chicken, lemon fish, grilled cuttlefish, curry crab, nut seafood salad, lobster, tom yum soup, and soft shell crab.

Juzza Pizza 2 Restaurant

Juzza Pizza 2 is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Koh Samui. Although the restaurant has a simple appearance, it still does not hide its unique style. The restaurant’s cuisine is mainly pizza and there are also common Thai dishes. The price of each dish is relatively affordable, and it is cost-effective in Koh Samui, so many people come to eat here every day. The restaurant’s cuisine includes prawn pasta, creamy mushroom soup, Italian pizza dumplings, Pizza / Chicago Style pizza, and more.

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