Ko Phi Phi Le

Ko Phi Phi Le and Ko Phi Phi Don are separated by about 2 kilometers, and their area is about 6.6 square kilometers. Cliffs are towering around them, and the terrain is very dangerous, so there are not so many people there. There are several huge limestone caves on the island. There are many beautiful stalactites hanging in the cave, and some of the cave walls are also engraved with murals of prehistoric humans, elephants, and ships.

Ko Phi Phi Le is used to be the location for the Hollywood film “The Beach” because of the natural beauty of the beach. Well-known attractions include Mahya Bay and Viking Cave where “The Beach” was filmed. The snorkeling and deep diving in Mahya Bay are great. There are many sea swallows in the Viking Cave, which are rich in bird’s nests. In the nearby sea, you may also see the hard work of workers collecting bird’s nests.

Ko Phi Phi Le becomes popular because of its beautiful scenery, and the water quality there is almost unpolluted, and there are many types of marine life. It is an ideal diving spot. There are cliffs around the island, and the terrain is dangerous. There are several huge limestone caves. At present, only Viking caves are open for tourists to visit. After lunch, you can snorkel at Ko Phi Phi Le. It is recommended to put on a life jacket. It is relatively easy and effortless to float on the water. The underwater world is still quite colorful and can be seen very clearly.

If you book one day trip to Ko Phi Phi Le with a local travel agency, it will generally include attractions such as Shark Point, Great Barrier Reef, Bird’s Nest Cave and several snorkeling trips. Take a boat to Ko Phi Phi Le to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax. The scenery along the way is also super beautiful and it is an island worth playing.

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