Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is one of the three largest floating markets near Bangkok, less than 20 kilometers away from Bangkok City, it better retains the original appearance of the floating market.

Lat Mayom Floating Market is very popular among Thai locals, especially on weekends when a large number of locals visit. The market is built along the river. The markets on both sides of the river have a wealth of Thai food and various snacks, you must try them.

To reach Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, first, take the BTS Silom Line to the last stop Bang Wa (สถานี รถไฟฟ้า บาง หว้า), then exit 4 from the station and take a taxi to ตลาดน้ำ คลอง ลัด มะยม (Khlong Lat Mayom).

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market has a wide variety of food. Hundreds of snack stalls are selling Thai classic snacks, such as coconut ice cream, sea salt grilled fish, papaya salad, grilled prawns and Thai rice noodles, and the prices are very affordable. Here are some of the specialties of the floating market: Goong Ob Woonsen, Pla Phao, Goong Yang, ยำหอยนางรม, ขนมโตเกียว.

At the pier of the floating market, you can make a public hand boat or charter a boat. The price of chartered boats is between 300 baht and 600 baht. The price of taking the public boats is 100 baht. There are three itineraries for everyone to choose from at the pier:

Wat Saphan Floating Market+Orchid Farm: it takes 1.5-hour and stops for 20 minutes;

Visit a traditional Thai house: it takes 40 minutes, and you need charter a boat;

Wat Kumphang+Artist’s House puppet theater: you also need charter a boat

The itinerary you can choose is to charter a boat to the Orchid Farm, which is about 15 minutes by water.

Information about Lat Mayom Floating Market:

Detailed address: Soi Bang Ramat, Bang Phrom, Khet Taling Chan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10170

Business time: 09:00-19:00 on Saturday, Sunday and Thai holidays

Best arrival time: 10:00

Suggested stay time: 2-3 hours

Thailand Swimwear Brand Recommendation: Water and Others

Price: 1,590-1,890 baht

Online shops: Instagram, Facebook

Water and Others’ swimsuits are like a rainbow library, with various colors in it. Designers are quite good at picking colors, some swimsuits feature gray tones and high saturation, and yellow leather can also make you look white. There are also blue-toned and highly saturated fluorescent colors, and white skins and black skins look particularly good when wearing its swimsuits. The seemingly simple styles of these swimsuits actually reveal caution everywhere. For its waist-cut design, even for people with thick and obese waists, they can have a very thin waist visual effect. The single-shoulder strap design can shift the focus to the beautiful shoulders and necks, and ignore other shortcomings in the figure.

The pleated design is the inspiration for the hottest drawstring dress this summer. The folds on the front can conceal the flatness of the figure, and the lines on the side create the illusion of unevenness. Even flat-chested girls can show sexy when they wear it. If you want to be cool, you can choose its all-black series of swimsuits, the deep V design of fine flashing fabric, and the sling style of gauze hollow, have a very strong aura effect.

This brand is quite magical, with such a simple style, the effect on body is surprisingly good, the bikini is sexy and not vulgar, the one-piece swimsuit is slim, and its fashion degree is also well done.

The brand Water and Others must have put a lot of effort into tailoring and fabrics, and you can feel their texture when you look at the pictures. This brand was also selected by Thailand’s siam2nite magazine in the top nine Thai swimwear list and ranked seventh. And this Water and Others brand’s swimsuit style is simple and elegant.

Must-buy Brands in King Power Pattaya


Thailand is the place where L’Oreal is produced, and some hot-selling products are usually in short supply. For example, L’Oreal Little Black Bottle Base Liquid is super easy to use. It is called the cheap version of Lancome Little Black Bottle. It only needs 920 BAHT in Thailand; L’Oreal Matte Lipstick also only costs 399 BAHT.

Jo Malone London perfume

Jo Malone London’s perfume has almost no alcoholic taste, and the flavors of each model are unique. The packaging is simple and generous, and also looks noble. It is very affordable to buy Jo Malone London perfume at King Power Pattaya Duty Free. Jo Malone London perfume’s Blue Bell and Sea Salt are the latest hot-sale perfumes. Blue Bell is watermelon flavor, which smells refreshing and pleasant. Sea Salt has a taste of light sea water, with the mellow scent.

MAC bullet lipstick

See Sheer MAC lipstick, Chili MAC lipstick, etc. are all available in the King Power Pattaya, and the lowest price is less than 20 dollars.

King Power Pattaya Shopping Tips

Things can’t be taken away on the spot at the King Power Pattaya Duty Free Shop. Except for Thai products, other products will be sent directly to the airport. After passing the customs, there is a special pickup point. In addition, please pay attention to the purchase of goods within five hours before the plane takes off, otherwise it cannot be delivered to the airport, for the sake of insurance, it is recommended that you do not buy the same day.

In addition, when you are entering Pattaya King Power Duty Free Shop, a staff will issue a registration card at the door, which is very important as you need to provide it to the cashier when paying. After receiving, you need fill in the relevant information such as the round-trip flight number according to the form, and then the staff will also give you some coupons. Payment can be made in cash or with a UnionPay card in King Power Pattaya. When you leave the duty-free shop, remember to get a tax refund form at the exit.

Where to Buy Thai Jewelry?

Where can you buy the best jewelry in Thailand? Here, we will introduce some of the best places to buy great jewelry in Bangkok.

The first one is the Silom Road, where it’s located in Bangkok’s bustling business district. This road is known as Bangkok’s Diamond Jewelry Center, with about 400 jewelry shops to choose from. Various high-end shopping malls gather here, and during the holiday, every major shopping mall will launch a dazzling discount activity, making it the best time to buy jewelry.

Surawongse Road has up to 250 jewelry stores, specializing in the production of high-end silverware products. Its production uses the purest and highest quality silver in Thailand, which can meet the high-quality demand of tourists for silver products. In addition, Charoen Krung is also very popular with silver jewelry enthusiasts. This road is connected with the high-end product export market, where tourists can find major wholesale and retail stores.

In addition to food and major shopping malls, Yaowarat Road is also a good place to buy gold jewelry. Gold craftsmanship in Thailand was initially influenced by India, and this effect lasted for hundreds of years. Yaowarat’s goldsmiths are the guardians of ancient traditions and are widely welcomed worldwide for their outstanding craftsmanship.


1.Don’t trust any one-day special offers from sellers posing as government personnel. And remember to buy jewelry diamonds in regular stores.

2.Once you have selected your favorite jewelry, ask your shopping mall or jewelry store for laboratory reports from the Thai Gem and Jewellery Institute (GIT) or Asian Gemological Science Institute (AIGS). Note that the report must be recent, not a few years ago.

3.Before you make the deal, detailed purchase records are required on the receipt, including: stone, color, weight, size, cut and quality. Try to double check these details before paying.

Thai Shopping: Don’t Miss FABLAB

The owner of the FABLAB store has a unique vision. The tailoring and design of the clothes are more able to modify the figure than other stores. Even some clothes look very normal, they work very well when customer wear them. General collection stores sell all brands together, but FABLAB is different. It will classify all clothes into 4 styles. The store is divided into 4 areas: Everyday, STREET, ACTIVE, BOUTIQUE.

EVERYDAY’s clothing is more of a daily style, and belongs to simple fashion, and you can choose tailoring pencil skirts, casual high-waist pants, chic suit jackets, exotic shirts and so on. This area also has crystal zircon or rose gold jewelry accessories, which are simple in design and very easy to wear. STREET’s clothing is cool style, such as printed T-shirts, stitching denim skirts, plus size shirts, tulle coats, etc., will show you the cool feeling on the body. The street-style jewellery here is mainly handmade silverware, with the primitive wildness.

ACTIVE brings together all sportswear and swimwear. Sportswear has soft and sweet colors, and the latest and most popular styles are all available here. Swimsuits emphasize the sense of design, and the beautiful curves can support sexy body. BOUTIQUE’s clothes are dinner-style, each looks expensive, most of them are elegant and luxurious dresses.

FABLAB has more than 200 cooperative brands. Although there are many clothes, the entire store looks clean and tidy, with obvious divisions and comfortable environment. FABLAB Ekkamai branch store also combines coffee and clothing stores. If you are tired, you can also drink a cup of coffee in the store, the price is between 180-250 baht.

FABLAB Store Address:

Siam Center (Opening hours: 10: 00–22: 00)

Central world (Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00)

Central Festival (opening hours: 10: 30–22: 00)

Ekamai (Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00)

Manutham 1st floor (opening hours: 10: 30–22: 00)

Price: 1,000-5000 baht

SOS-Sense of Style: Best Store for Lady Shopping in Bangkok

When you are entering the SOS-Sense of Style store, the first reaction may be that is this the wardrobe of the debutantes in Thai drama! Because the style of this store is too strong! Marble shop decoration and simple slim-fitting clothes here show very ladylike temperament. This shop is run by Thai star Sonyuke, model pine and her friend. You will often meet Thai stars here, and even South Korean star SJ Captain Liter has visited here.

SOS-Sense of Style is actually a collective name for the two stores, SOS and Sense. Although the positioning is different, the clothing styles of the two stores are very uniform, and they are all ladies styles. The clothes they choose have a simple, chic or elegant luxury feel, which are more suitable for light-fashioned women between 18-35 years old.

In terms of price, the two stores are not the same. SOS is between 500-4000 baht, and Sense is between 200-1000 baht. The price fluctuates greatly but fortunately it is not too expensive, you can rest assured! It is said that SOS-Sense of Style has collected more than 300 brands, including Japanese, Korean, European and American, and Thai local fashion brands. There are many branches, most of which are located near the siam business district.

The most popular item in the store is Nature, whose price is not expensive, and it belongs to the Japanese and Korean debutante style. The disadvantage is that there is no L size. Swimsaic’s swimwear is particularly good, with eye-catching styles, special patterns, and great quality. There is also Sharya, a local Thai lady brand. Many stars are wearing it, which is extremely elegant. The haatiya here features the holiday or dinner style, but most people can’t show the noble temperament. Like most collection stores, there are not only clothes, but also luxury brand bags, chic mobile phone accessories, comfortable shoes, gorgeous necklace accessories and so on.

SOS Sense of Style Store Address:

Siam Square Soi 2 (opening hours: 13: 00–21: 00)

Siam Square Soi 6 (Opening hours: 13: 00–21: 00)

Siam Square Soi 7 (Opening hours: 13: 00–21: 00)

central ladprao (opening hours: 10: 00–21: 30)

Price: 500-4000 THB at SOS, 200-1000 THB at Sense

Rotsaniyom Is Worthy of Your Buying in Bangkok

Rotsaniyom is located in Siam Center. 3RD FLOOR. Its founder, Orf, began to design T-shirts at his college time. After graduating, he opened his first clothing store in Chatuchak, Bangkok, and his brand began to enter major shopping malls in Bangkok in just three years.

The design inspiration of Rotsaniyom brand mainly comes from daily life. The people they met and the topics they talked about, especially culture, food, politics, etc., gave Orf a lot of creative nutrients. Rotsaniyom is a clothing brand that is based on the spirit of “Thainess”, and “Thai style” is not the traditional Thai pattern which is associated with ordinary people, but a reflection of Thai culture in daily life. In response, Orf said, “I hope that when it comes to the characteristics of Thailand, you can look at it from a whole new perspective.”

White color is reminiscent of purity and cleanliness. In Rotsaniyom, the soft flowing white lace speaks of dreamy design words. Orf insists on originality. The clothes are mainly white, with retro elements in simplicity. It is a collision between tradition and modernity.

The slogan of this series is “Love, Share, No Gender”, and it is also a series with higher voices. Lace is a kind of fabric with Victorian spirit, and it is actually difficult to escape from the classic romantic impression, but in Orf’s design, it has a kind of rebellious taste.

Under the premise of ensuring the wearability of clothing, Rotsaniyom has creatively developed the lace suit and jacket, which features a vague gender definition that it can be worn by both men and women, and it has a special “imperfect beauty”, and is unique in design, yet still looks handsome. If you like this kind of clothing design, don’t miss it when you go shopping in Bangkok.

Thai Yanhee Diet Pills Shopping Guide

Yanhee diet pills are named after Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, because the diet pills can only be obtained in this hospital. Yanhee Hospital is the largest and most famous cosmetic hospital in Thailand. It is well-known in the country for its good cosmetic techniques. The hospital also has the most complete cosmetic projects in Thailand. In addition to cosmetic technology, Yanhee’s hot product is Yanhee diet pills.

How to take Yanhee diet pills

Diet pills are divided into ordinary and enhanced versions. The enhanced version just increases the dosage, and there is no essential difference. Generally, it is taken 10 minutes before meals. Do not eat fried foods and noodle products during the medication. Do not drink alcohol or carbonated drinks. The doctor will make some dietary requirements when prescribing the medicine for you. If you follow the doctor’s suggestion, combine with proper exercise, you will certainly have an unexpected effect.

People who are suitable to take Yanhee diet pills

Yanhee diet pills are suitable for most people who are troubled by obesity. They should be under 40 years old. Older age will affect the effect of Yanhee diet pills. Women cannot take Yanhee diet pills during pregnancy, lactation, and menstruation. In addition, people with heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension cannot take it.

How to buy Yanhee diet pills

After entering the hospital, the nurse will first ask if you need to see a doctor. If you need it, you will need to pay 50 baht. During this period, the doctor will ask many questions, and then he will help you measure weight, height, blood pressure, etc .; or you can fill out the form and prescribe the medicine. The form will contain all the questions the doctor will ask during the interview.

No matter how you get the diet pills, they are prescribed by a professional doctor which is based on the age and physical condition of the person who buys the medicine, and it is safe.

Beauty Buffet Milk Series Products Recommendations

Q10 Whitening Facial Foam

This Q10 milk facial cleanser is very popular on the Internet. The rich and sweet milk taste makes people feel good. After washing the skin, you will feel like becoming a milk candy and the skin will not be tight. However, the disadvantage is that this facial cleanser is not easy to squeeze out. It takes some effort to squeeze out in the early stage. Beauty Buffet has launched a new goat milk facial cleanser. The bottle design of this facial cleanser is more humane.

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

Reference price: 130 Baht

Whitening Body Lotion

Beauty Buffet Whitening Body Lotion selects a combination of hydrated lipids to make the skin better moisturized and give your skin smooth and delicate touch. Biochemical Coenzyme Q10 tightens the skin, improves elasticity, and stabilizes its good condition, making it especially suitable for dry skin. The taste is the same as Beauty Buffet facial cleanser, it is very moisturizing, and a bottle of body lotion can really be used for a long time. If you want to moisturize the skin and avoid drying, this Beauty Buffet body lotion is enough.

Recommendation index: ★★★★

Reference price: 245 Baht

Various series of Skin Refining Scrub

Beauty Buffet’s Skin Refining Scrub series products are mainly available in the white and pink products.

Milk Plus Skin Refining Scrub: The white one is Milk Plus Skin Refining Scrub, which focuses on removing skin dullness and enhancing whitening. The official propaganda is that it has plant mud factor, which can effectively remove horny ingredients, deep cleansing and promote skin nutrition absorption.

Double Milk Plus Skin Refining Scrub: This pink one focuses on firming skin, deep cleansing and exfoliating, extra moisturizing and brightening the skin, to make your skin more elastic.

Recommendation index: ★★★

Reference price: 180 Baht

How to Choose NaRaYa Bags?

NaRaYa cosmetic bag

This bag has a lot of colors optional, and its size is divided into large, medium and small, and the inner layer is sponge. When you open the bag, you will see a small mirror, and there is a compartment behind the mirror. Although it looks small, it can put aside so many items. If you do not want to take the backpack when you go out, NaRaYa cosmetic bag can be used directly as a handbag. This is definitely a must-have item for girls who like makeup.

NaRaYa handbag

This bag goes well with you, and there are several different colors. It is cheap and easy to use, which has a large capacity for you to fit cosmetic bags, coin purses, card bags, mobile phones and so on. You can even use it to put your book, as the quality is durable. There are some fresh colors for NaRaYa handbags that are perfect for you to go to the beach. The price is also very attractive, which less than 25 Baht.

NaRaYa cross-body bag

The cross-body bag is lightweight and easy to carry around, making it ideal for traveling. The capacity is also very pleasing. It can hold passports, wallets, paper towels and small items. The style is simple but practical.

NaRaYa Shopping Bag / Mummy Bag

Many people use this bag as a travel bag. It can hold so many items, and the material is very light. It is comfortable and easy to carry. The fabric of the bag has a good texture, which can be waterproof, wear-resistant and stain-resistant, and has a long service life. Generally speaking, the bag can store 1-2 days of travel supplies. For sexy moms, this bag is more practical. It can easily pack the items that children need, and it is also very fashionable!

NaRaYa head office address: 220/4 หมู่ 4 Chaeng Wattana Rd, ตำบล ปากเกร็ด Amphoe Pak Kret, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11120

Phone: +66 2 502 2000

Opening hours: 08: 00-17: 00 from Monday to Saturday