Ayutthaya SAY Gallery Café

SAY Gallery is located diagonally opposite the most famous Wat Maha That in Ayutthaya. This is a super large-scale gallery cafe. In the most core area of Ayutthaya, the Say Gallery team integrated the four old townhouses which faced the street, while preserving the basic building structure, and they used dark floors and cement walls to create a contemporary rest space.

If you are not interested in art, it is also a good decision to taste food at SAY Gallery. The signature Smoothie is added with traditional sugar shreds, any one is very beautiful, and the creative sugar shreds spring rolls are not only good-looking, they are perfect with ice cream. The beef noodle soup is clear and tender, with good color and taste. Most of the menu is available for 100 baht. Finding a good place to sit and appreciate the Wat Mahathat is definitely one of the most serious decisions in the afternoon.

SAY Gallery Information:

Per capita consumption: 90 baht

Business hours: 8:00-17:30 (Monday to Thursday); 8:00-21:00 (Friday to Sunday)

Address: 9/28 Maharat Road, Pratu Chai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, 13000

Nearby attractions: Wat Mahathat/Busaba Cafe (original handmade)

If you are interested, Ayutthaya Retreat is also a good choice. Ayutthaya Retreat is the standard configuration of a large Thai home. The lotus pond is the courtyard feature, which is perfectly matched with the two-story traditional teak wood house. The design of the dwellings in the courtyard is even more eye-catching. A tree grows from the inside of the house to the outside. The sparse sunlight through the treetops scattered on the rustic furniture and mottled red walls makes people intoxicated. The Ayutthaya Retreat restaurant is very large, like a large antique furniture store. It is very relaxing to enjoy the food while enjoying the scenery here.

Walk In Cafe & Grandparents Home

Someone once said that the Ayutthaya is like a lonely nobleman, with a long culture and ancient historical relics. The Buddha statue sitting on the lotus seat is guarding the small city, guarding the tranquility and auspiciousness here, waiting for traveler’s arrival inadvertently. When talking about Ayutthaya, people always think of Buddhist temples first, such as Mahathat, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Bo Phi Temple, etc. There are many large and small temples in the Ayutthaya, and it is not easy to visit them one by one.

Most people travel to Ayutthaya in a hurry, and just for seeing these Buddhist temples. Therefore, most people’s impression of the Ayutthaya remains in the historical relics, but some new culture is missing. In fact, Ayutthaya can also be described as petty bourgeoisie, literary art, and freshness. Here is a recommendation for everyone about a private restaurant in Ayutthaya, whose taste and environment are superb.

Ayutthaya is not big, and coffee shops and restaurants are definitely incomparable with Chiang Mai and Bangkok, but there are still many good shops if you really want to look for them. Walk In Cafe & Grandparents Home is one of them. The shop seems to be in a garden, as it is surrounded by green plants. The wooden chairs and white window grilles in the shop are not fancy and make people feel comfortable.

The main item in the store is ice cream hot pot. When you open the official FB, almost all the photos are of different styles of ice cream. The ice cream is held in a small pot with dry ice under the pot. When it is brought up, you can see it from a distance, as if it is “fairy” and the weight is not small at all. In addition to ice cream, smoothies of various flavors are also an artifact to cool off the heat.

Hot pot, cakes, and pasta are also recommended dishes in the store, each of which is full of portion. Like the hot pot, there are shrimps, squid, mussels, crab sticks, eggs, and other side dishes. After a meal here, all the heat and fatigue are probably dispelled.

Address: 19/40 Naresuan Road Arch Ayutthaya

Time: 11:00-20:00, closed on Monday

Dining Guide of Shabushi: A Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Bangkok

Shabushi is a Japanese buffet restaurant which is located in various shopping malls in Bangkok. It has the typical Japanese low-key and elegant style. Shabushi restaurant has elegant pictures on the walls, delicate flowers are carved on the four corners, and many beautiful white chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant is dominated by black and white; the floor is bright and clean. In the white light against the background, it is atmospheric and elegant. Friends who like Japanese cuisine will love this restaurant after they have been there.

In addition to sushi and drinks, Shabushi’s other foods are placed on a rotating conveyor belt. When the conveyor belt passes your table, you can take away the dishes above. There are several types of soup pots, such as milk soup pots, traditional Thai soup pots, and chicken soup pots. There are not too many dishes, but it is definitely enough to eat, and there is meat, fish, vegetables and so on.

In addition to the soup pot, Shabushi’s sushi is must-taste. When you pass Shabushi’s shop from the outside, you will be attracted by the colorful sushi. It looks really appetizing. The crab sticks here are super delicious.

The attitude of the waiters in Shabushi is also very good, there is no need to tip, they will patiently help you order food and solve your problems. Shabushi’s meal time is 75 minutes, and over time will be charged a fee. The cost of the buffet is between 379-419 baht per person, half price for children, the price of each branch is slightly different, or it will be cheaper in case of discount.

Shabushi (Central World Plaza)

Address: 999/9 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330

Phone number: +(66) 26461371

Opening hours: 10:00-21:30 from Monday to Friday, closed on weekends

Shabushi (Phuket)

Address: 181 Rat-u-thit 200 Phee Road, Jungceylon Mall, Patong, Thailand

Phone: +(66) 26461371

Opening hours: Daily 10:00–21:30

Bangkok Hands and Heart Coffee Shop

Bangkok’s Hands and Heart Coffee Shop is located in the Aselas Apartment Building in Thonglor District, Bangkok, in a quite hidden and quiet alleyway. Many of the residents here are Japanese, so the streets are very clean. Hands and Heart coffee is run by three people who especially like coffee: a photographer, a media people and a writer.

The Hands and Heart coffee shop is very well-lit, with a skylight above the aluminum-iron chair area, and sunlight naturally falls in. Without any lighting, the food on the table can show a natural and attractive color. The wooden seating area in the coffee shop is close to the window, and there are many large pillows. In front of the coffee shop, they have a small smoking area, and there is free WIFI and different power plugs for guests. Hands and Heart coffee actually look much smaller than the photos, and may only accommodate 20 to 25 people.

The specialty of Hands and Heart coffee shop is not the decoration, but the coffee beans they provide. There are well-known roasted coffee beans “Coffee Collective” and “Timweldel Boe”, and there are also delicious coffee beans of Thailand, Africa, Colombia, Brazil and so on. And all coffee is brewed by hand!

In keeping with the style of the store, they put black coffee in white cups and white coffee in black cups. Black coffee comes from different sources around the world, while white coffee only has one. In Hands and Heart coffee shop, whether it is white coffee or black coffee, the taste is sour, the fruit acidity is heavy, so it is suitable for friends who like single coffee.

Address: Siam Square Soi 8, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330

Phone: +66 81 442 7977

Business hours: 10:00-20:00

Some Time Blue Coffee Shop

Coffee lovers know how to appreciate the mellowness of coffee juice, and the surprise of “back to sweet after bitterness” is fascinating. As a “coffee addiction patient”, you may have seen a lot of coffee shops of various styles in Bangkok. However, the boutique hand-made coffee shops that are really loved by many people are only SOME TIME BLUE, Drip & Drop Coffee Supply and Gallery Drip Coffee, tourists who like coffee must not miss them when you come to Bangkok. Today we especially recommend Some Time Blue coffee shop.

In the ordinary lanes of Bangkok, there are hidden masters who make great coffee. The coffee shop of Sutida Srirungthum, who won the 2016 National Thailand Brewers Cup 2016, is hidden in a small alley near BTS Ari.

Some Time Blue’s most visitors come to the shop for the reason of Sutida’s reputation, and they want to see and taste the champion’s craft in person, and Sutida seems to add a few rings to the cup of hand-made coffee.

Upstairs at Some Time Blue is Sahamongkol Film, a well-known Thai film company. Several excellent movies, such as the boxing series and “This Little Thing of First Love”, are quite famous. The original shop Sutdrip near the coffee shop and the restaurant Kaobahn are both extensions of Sutida.

But the most attractive thing is still the hand-made coffee menu. The first recommendation is, of course, the signature 10-hour cold brew coffee, which costs 180 baht; ice shake coffee is also Sutida’s proud work, which takes you only 180 baht.

The coffee beans that Some Time Blue mostly uses are from Africa. Its products include Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda. If you are unfamiliar with these, directly inform your favorite coffee taste and let the professional people make the decision for you.

Some Time Blue store information:

Per capita: 100-200 Baht

Opening hours: 09:00-19:00 daily, open at 10:30 on weekends

Address: 55/5 Soi Phahonyothin 2 Samsen Nai Payathai

Bo.lan Restaurant Bangkok

The ingredients and spices in Bangkok are fresh, and small vendors everywhere will securely wrap the food into a beautiful package, so the food on the street can make you happy. This place is not like Indonesia or Chiang Mai. It seems to belong to the international center of Asia. With Bangkok as the center, it can perfectly draw a radius of equal length to China and Japan. It has high cost performance and abundant and fresh spices that cannot be compared with other places. In addition to the local government and folk gourmets’ unremitting promotion, Bangkok’s innate ingredients, unique cooking, ability to obtain world ingredients, and internationalization have made it easily gain the world’s vision.

Bangkok Bo.lan restaurant is ranked 19th among the 50 best restaurants in Asia in 2019. It is a one-michelin-star restaurant whose two founders are media darlings and have attracted international attention. The restaurant’s couple chefs Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones were former disciples of Michelin-starred chef David Thompson. They both worked for Michelin Thai restaurant Nahm. The chef has followed Nahm’s obsession with ancient Thai food, and has extended it on the basis of this. The restaurant has a consistent obsession with spicyness.

At least in terms of breaking the sense of dining style, Bo.lan has achieved certain results. It did not think too much about the acceptance of the dishes by the diners, insisted on its spicy degree, and did not see many diners keep drinking water all the time while eating.  It is probably an attitude not to please anyone. The restaurant that pays attention to unique personality has never been pleasing to the general public, it is just whether to accept its rules of the game after the experience.

Business hours: 11: 30-14: 00 for lunch; 18: 00-22: 00 for dinner

Savoey Thai Restaurant

Thailand is a coastal country with all kinds of seafood. The local people have made a lot of delicious seafood dishes by taking full advantage of the coastal location of Thailand. In addition, a large number of seafood restaurants have emerged.

Savoey Thai Restaurant was opened in 1972 and has been in operation for more than 40 years. It is not only in Bangkok, but also in phuket, Chiang mai and many other places.

The curry crab at Savoey Thai Restaurant is very good looking, the bright yellow crab meat and the golden scrambled eggs are glowed attractively under the incandescent light. The crab meat is tender and juicy, with a silky sauce and a hint of celery. A dish of curry crab costs 695 baht.

Although the spicy and sour seafood soup of Savoey Thai Restaurant has a lot of spices, the sourness and spicyness are just right. It is not too sour or too spicy. The shrimp and fish are very delicious. Hot and sour seafood soup in small portions costs 260 THB.

Savoey Thai Restaurant’s butter-cooked prawns are unique. The cream used in this restaurant is extracted from fresh milk, and the taste is pure and sweet. The cream is a perfect match with the delicious shrimp. When you eat the shrimp, you will have a little cream. The rich scent will come out, and the mouth will be silky. The fee for butter-cooked prawns is calculated on the basis of the weight of the shrimp. Four prawns cost THB 1,750.

Phone number + (66) 20241317

Opening hours: 11: 00-22: 00 daily

Store Address: 1/11 Room no.G2-01 2nd Floor, Building G Tha Maharaj, Maharaj rd., Phra Barom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

Transportation: Take a taxi or ferry and get off at Tha Maharat Pier Station.

MK Restaurant

Mk Restaurant is loved by local Thais. MK is the first choice of Thai locals on holidays and important family anniversaries. Today MK has opened more than 200 branches in Thailand.

At MK, hot pot is definitely a must-order item, especially MK’s special hot pot dipping sauce is even more lingering. In addition, the roast duck and pork meat here is also very good. The price is not expensive and it is delicious. It is definitely worth a try if you like hot pot. MK does not have an independent storefront, and it is usually opened in a mall, supermarket or large shopping mall.

MK launches new themed packages every month. Beef packages, fish balls, duck and barbecued pork, and fried pork are all specialties of MK. Fish balls, shrimp balls, vegetables, and stewed meat can also be ordered separately!

The dining environment here is absolutely clean and the service is good. In addition, every holiday MK will carry out some activities, such as taking family photo, or enjoying lottery, etc., which feels very warm. The waiters in MK do MK aerobics every hour. On the hour, with the melody of the music, the waiter will stop his work, and dance the rhythmic aerobics with the beautiful melody. It is very distinctive and very joyful.

MK is quite popular in the eyes of tourists. It has been reviewed on various travel forums and by travel experts. And because MK’s advertising is well done, now in the subconscious of Thai people, having family dinners should come to MK, and MK is no longer as simple as a meal. The reason why MK is strong is because it makes food into culture; and when food has a “culture” mark, it becomes more and more popular! And it also attracts as many as tourist coming here to have a taste.

The Tea House Hua Hin

Hua Hin, a small coastal town in southern Thailand, with convenient transportation and rich resources, has made this place a resort for many people. Hua Hin was a royal vacation destination hundreds of years ago. In Thailand, many family units around Hua Hin, such as Bangkok, will drive there on weekends to eat seafood while enjoying the sea breeze.

When you are traveling, eating is always an inevitable topic. Not only that, Hua Hin is also known for its art. This seaside town no longer relies on the gifts of nature. Instead, it has embarked on a literary and artistic design road with the flourishing creative design in Thailand. In addition to the famous Cicada Market, there is also a low-key Baan Sillapin Village. Hua Hin’s excellent design has spread all over the streets, especially the theme of eating.

As a fine afternoon tea spot, the Tea House is located in FN Outlets, and it is a teahouse in the mall. Under the tall trees, the verdant green leaves hang down from the roof. The tall floor-to-ceiling glass makes people, buildings and nature blend together. The red birds contrast with the green nature, making the atmosphere very comfortable. European-style paintings cover the entire wall, and the green plants in the pots enjoy the time more than people, and they hang down lazily in the store.

The Tea House uses only Mariage Frères teas. This nineteenth-century French tea brand has always been considered the ultimate in the tea kingdom. The Tea House has selected six types of tea, including of course the iconic Marco Polo. If you don’t know what tea to order, it’s definitely OK to order Marco Polo. In addition to tea, The Tea House also offers a variety of French breads and desserts. A simple chant or a fine three-tier pastry is a good choice. Don’t miss this chic afternoon tea restaurant if shopping at Outlets is arranged.

Bangkok Vegetarian Restaurants Recommendations: Broccoli Revolution & Khun Churn Vegetarian

Broccoli Revolution

Broccoli Revolution is a stylish vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area. The high space, brushed concrete, bare red bricks, and various ferns hanging on it give you the New York or Melbourne style feeling. The first floor is bright and transparent, and the second floor is private and casual. The top floor is planned to be transformed into an organic garden and beer bar.

Broccoli Revolution is one of the best restaurants in Thailand. The highlight here must be food. There are appetizers, salads, entrees and weekly seasonal vegetable menus, and the cold-pressed juice bars offer 18 different drinks. In addition, it includes special foods from many regions in the world, such as Lebanese plum platter and Vietnamese spring rolls. Of course, all of them are 100% vegetarian.

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 49, 899 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Phone: + 66-2-6625001

Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:00

Khun Churn Vegetarian

This is a family-run vegetarian restaurant that has been around for 20 years. Khun Churn Vegetarian has quite a banquet hall atmosphere. The ceiling that is decorated with bamboo lanterns, the counters, the tables and the chairs to decorations, all present a complete wooden space. The close-to-natural diet concept is vividly expressed.

The use of pure vegetables adds a sense of freshness to these common and heavy-tasting Thai dishes, as well as the taste and chords of exotic spices. If you want to know what vegan Thai food is like without meat and seafood, come here and take a look. Whenever the vegetarian festival comes, in order to synchronize with fasting dishes, the Khun Churn Vegetarian store will adjust the dishes, and there are more than 100 special dishes of the restaurant for customers to choose from.

Address: GF, Bangkok Mediplex Center, Soi Sukhumvit 42, Bangkok

Phone: + 66-2-7136599

Opening hours: 10:00-20:30