Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is like the Forbidden City in Beijing. Although there is no grandeur of the Forbidden City in Beijing, the exquisiteness, luxury and beauty of the Grand Palace are unique. The Grand Palace brings together the best of Thai architecture, painting, sculpture and decorating art. Its style has the distinctive characteristics of Siamese architectural art, so it is highly appreciated by tourists from all over the world and is known as the “Thailand Art Encyclopedia”. To visit the Grand Palace, you must wear long trousers. If you don’t wear it, you will have free clothes to wear at the door, but you have to queue for a long time. It is recommended that you are ready taking all necessary items before going to the Grand Palace.

The feeling of going to the inside of the Grand Palace feels really magnificent, the roof and the building are golden, which are very luxury. But there are too many tourists, and if you can, choose to go there during the time to open the door of the scenic spot or during the afternoon time. Grand Palace opening time is from 08:30-16:00. If you are going there at noon, the sun is hot, and there is nowhere to hide to be cool, and there are many people. Do remember to prepare for sun protection, be sure to remember to drink more water!

In the Grand Palace, what you can enjoy is not only the magnificent scenery, but also the exotic customs. It is a great place highly recommended for you trip in Thailand.

Near the Grand Palace in Bangkok, there is a shop specializing in various souvenirs and it is called Siam Exotique, which is famous for selling fine handicrafts in Thailand and attracts many foreign tourists. Not only is it a souvenir shop, the owner is a collector, but he hopes to develop it into a museum of his own. In addition to choosing favorite souvenirs, visitors can also visit and appreciate these exotic artworks.

Koh Larn

Koh Larn is a 45-minute boat ride from Pattaya. The water is clearer. When the weather is good, there are many projects on the island for you to enjoy. It is not bad to be able to participate in the activities there according to your own needs or to play on the island beach.

The beach is good, with blue and clear water and soft sand, and the sightseeing is very interesting, the activities are designed for the visitors to experience. But the things on the island are more expensive. But when you come to Pattaya, you have to fully enjoy the sun and the beach!

Although Koh Larn features fine sand, there are quite a lot of pebbles. When you go swimming, the sole feels like having a massage. As long as you cross the light sea water and enter the deeper waters, you can see many small fish swimming by your side. And there is a big table restaurant which built on the island for the tour group. There are some groups on the beach. The tour group is like landing on the beach. It feels a bit noisy from the speedboat, but the time is short and the impact is not great.

There are almost six lovely beaches on the island that vary in size. Taking a taxi to the beach will cost THB 50 per person. You can also visit the Nual Beach and will see monkeys living on one side of the hillside of the Thien Beach, where there is a soft beach and features a more tropical feel. There are several restaurants in the evening, but in general, Koh Larn is quiet at night, as most people are guests who come to play during the day. Mopeds can be rented for 300 baht per day.

In addition, Koh Larn features convenient transportation, and you can take a speedboat ride at any time, there are also many food markets, and there are many things to play, such as snorkeling, banana boat etc. It is one of the famous attractions in Pattaya that is suitable for family tour.

Kata Beach

The size of Kata Beach is much smaller than that of Patong Beach and Karon Beach, and the length ranks sixth in Phuket. However, there are beautiful coral reefs in the sea near the bay, and the bay is quiet and the water is clean, which makes it suitable for swimming and snorkeling, and becomes the most charming place in Kata Beach.

The environment in Kata Beach is quite quiet, and there are some high-end resorts nearby, such as Club Med, which is next to it and has a good reputation for Kata Beach. There are no restaurants or shops on the beach, and the commercial atmosphere is very light, but there are still rental loungers, motor boats, beach Thai massage, and food vendors for you to fully enjoy yourself in Kata Beach. Most of the tourists are guests here. If you are looking for a store, you will need to get to the nearby town of Kata, which takes about 5 minutes. European and American tourists like to sunbathe here, because there are not many tourists and not crowded. It is like a private beach.

Because there is no hotel nearby, Kata Noi of the Kata Beach is not as good as other beaches. There are few tourists and has no water activities and you can only rent deck chair to relax on the beach or go swimming. It is noted that there are no sea lifeguards here so you need to be careful. View Point is located on a hillside to the heights. When the weather is fine, you can look down at the gazebo of the scenic spot, you will have a panoramic view of the three bays of Kata Beach, Karon Beach and Kata Noi. The common picture of the Phuket picture postcard is to take a photo from this viewpoint. It is also one of the best places to enjoy sunsets.

The sand of the Kata Beach is very fine and the sea water is clean. Some visitors on the beach enjoy the bare sunbath and nude swimming. It is worth mentioning that nearby merchants will take care of the environmental sanitation in the area where they operate nearby. The food and drink on the stalls are not expensive. It feels very good.

Pattaya Beach

What else is not worth having a visit in Pattaya Beach? It features charming scenery, clear waters, and golden beaches. This beach is more active than the Sunrise beach, but it is absolutely quiet and close to the pedestrian street. If you want to be close to cafes, shops and massage venues, then come here. If you are not sure if you want to stay at Pattaya Beach or Sunrise beach, it is convenient to take a speedboat ferry from Pattaya Beach to Sunrise Beach.

The Pattaya Beach is a bit far away. It is best to wear beach socks, as there are a lot of sand-stones, which may hurt your feet. And you will find many hermit crabs, small crabs, and shells under the beach. The locals will also show you their shells. The beach is not particularly white, nor is it very thin, but it is still very fun. If you want to rent sun umbrellas and beach chairs, it takes 40 baht per location. If you want to drink beer, it is Chang brand, and it will take extra 50 baht to add ice. The overall scenery is good.

Pattaya Beach is the biggest and best beach on the island. It is large in size and has relatively few boats. It is safer to swim. The night bar extends to the beach, but you don’t think it is very noisy. But it will definitely be more lively after dark. Unless you spend money on a cafe or bar, it’s hard to find a shade on the beach.

When the tide go away at dusk, you can easily walk to the reefs and corals. There are more fish here, many sea urchins and starfish, but it is best not to catch them back. There are a lot of dogs on the beach, but they are still friendly, and they will follow the tourists to play in the sea. Overall, the Pattaya Beach still has a lot of fun.

Patong Beach

The west coast of Phuket is Patong Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Phuket. It is three kilometers long and it is free to open, so there are many people coming here to play. The beach is gentle and very suitable for swimming. It is also unique as its geography is also advantageous.

The Patong beach in the daytime and Patong beach at night seem to be two places. There are almost no shades on the beach during the day. Only the tourists from the West enjoy the sun in the hot weather and bath the tanned skin on the beach. The night of Patong Beach is worth more. You can enjoy the comfortable sea breeze at night, the more pleasant temperature, and the various shops along the coast. All the shops are open for business, drinking, souvenirs, various open-air bar restaurant are quite lively. There are also locals picnicking along the beach, as well as various auto shows, stalls, and everything. Therefore, it is recommended that you come to Patong Beach to play at night.

Patong Beach’s scenery is like a picture downloaded from the Internet, and people are reluctant to destroy it. There are a variety of lazy little animals. There are also handsome and ingenious kayaking guys. You may fall in love with this country for a long time, fall in love with the food, fall in love with the scenery, fall in love with the shemale who can forget the gender, and the lazy attitude towards life in Patong Beach.

If you like shopping, Patong Beach is a good choice. If you want to see the scenery, you can go to Karon Beach or Kata Beach. The hotel facilities are generally better than here. The price-performance is higher, and Karon Beach’s sea is much bluer than that of Patong Beach and it is also clean. But the sand of Patong Beach is thinner than that of Karon Beach. It is worth to go to Patong Beach to experience the seaside scenery of Thailand!

Goh Raja Yai

The outlying islands around Phuket are not accessible by public transport. When travelling there, you can join the 1-day local tour group. Goh Raja Yai is no exception. The water quality of Goh Raja Yai is indeed much better than that of Phuket Island and Coral Island.

Goh Raja Yai is located on the south side of Phuket, when you depart from Chalong Pier, it is 12 km from the pier and takes 30-40 minutes by speedboat. Sailing yachts generally also take 1 hour. Goh Raja Yai is also connected with itinerary to the Coral Island, and it is one-day trip to Goh Raja Yai and Coral Island.

Goh Raja Yai’s sea view is definitely the No.1. It is a newly developed water resort with the beautiful natural tropical island scenery. The environment is quiet and the coral reef coast will make you feel unforgettable.

The sea is very beautiful on a sunny day, and it is especially suitable for snorkeling, and the Racha Hotel on the island is also very good, which can be a holiday resort for the royal family. Goh Raja Yai is the highlight of Phuket’s trip. This is a very suitable place for a family vacation. Although there are many people on the island, it is also very quiet and you can be quietly in a daze. The seawater is crystal clear, and there are many tropical fish swimming around, you can see a lot of corals when diving.

Goh Raja Yai features clear water and white sand, and the sea color is gradient, which changes from milky white to light green to blue to be crystal clear so that you can see the clear bottom. When the sun shines on the sea, and when you snorkel, you can see beautiful regular water ripples, which are sparkling and beautiful to make you shocked! Whether it is the sand at the bottom of the water or the sand on the shore, they are very soft and comfortable. The blue sky and the blue sea in Goh Raja Yai are probably the most beautiful sea view you have ever seen.

Karon Beach

Compared to Patong Beach, the seaside atmosphere of Karon Beach is more leisurely and there are not many water activities. The waves here are high and it is suitable for surfing. The more northward the beach is, the more beautiful the blue water is in the north. Most of tourists rent umbrellas and beach chairs on the beach, to enjoy sun and play in the water. In the evening, many tourists and locals walk along the beach to wait for the fantastic charm of the sunset.

Karon Beach is between Patong Beach and Kata Beach. You can take a tutu bus from Patong Beach to Karon Beach by spending 400 baht. When you sit in the tutu bus, the driver will open the music to the loudest, which will give you the feeling that as if you have returned to the disco ages. You can experience the parasailing at Karon Beach. The original price is 1300 baht. You can make a counter-offer to 1,100, but the time you can play may be shortened. Anyway, it is still very exciting and you will be not afraid. And the price-performance is very high when compared to many other recreation facilities.

When the waves of Karon Beach are particularly large, a good sand wall is formed on the beach. It is especially good to look at the waves there, but you will also feel the power of the sea, as people are really easy to be swept away when they are in the waves, so, be sure to pay attention to safety when playing in Karon Beach.

Karon Beach is a particularly famous beach bay in Phuket. The beach is clean, the water is clear and transparent, and the scenery is beautiful, and the sand is fine and soft, and it is very comfortable to walk on! Karon Beach is really captivating, and it is a good place to go there for a holiday with your children.