Caves You Must Not Visit in Thailand during the Rainy Season

Caves are the products of nature which are formed through historical precipitation and time changes. The stalagmites, stalactites, stone pillars, grottoes and waterfalls in the cave are mysterious and desirable! Going to cave exploration is an activity to appreciate the wonders and have a relax, but there are dangers hidden in the beautiful caves. Especially during the rainy season, you cannot go to the following caves during your travel in Thailand:

Maeusu Cave

Maeusu Cave is a huge limestone cave that is located in Mae Moe National Park, Tak. The Maeusu River flows through the mouth of the cave, then surrounds the cave, and finally flows into the Wadi Moi. There are 3 grottoes in the cave with many beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. During the day, the sun shines on the sandstone through the cave mouth, making it very shining and very beautiful. Maeusu Cave is only open during the cool and hot seasons, that is, from December to April of the following year. The water level in the cave increases during the rainy season, making it unsuitable for play.

Kaew Komol cave

Kaew Komol cave is considered to be one of the most beautiful caves in Thailand and one of the calcite crystal caves. There are only three calcite crystal caves in the world. Kaew Komol Cave is a closed cave with only one entrance and it is very hot inside. There are 5 holes inside the cave, each with beautiful calcite crystals, and it is pure white like snowflakes. There are also strange-shaped stalagmites and stalactites. Kaew Komol Cave is open to visitors from 08:30-16:30 every day, and it is closed during the rainy season from June to September.

Exploring caves has a unique charm, which can give people a sense of mystery, freshness and excitement. In the rainy season, the water level in the cave rises and there are many dangers. People who visit Thailand should pay attention to safety!

Thai Temples You May Not Know About

When it comes to Thailand, we have to mention the Thai temples! Now we recommend some beautiful temples in Thailand that you may not know. Although these temples are not very famous, they are not inferior to the mainstream Thai temples in terms of scenery, culture, and architecture. Even for tourists pursuing artistic conception, these unpopular temples may be more in line with the ethereal and lonely feeling of temples in their hearts.

Wat Phiphat Mongkol

This ancient Thai temple has a history of more than 700 years. The architecture in the temple is very artistic, and the overall color and feel are quite different from temples in other places. If anyone wants to learn more about Lanna’s art, they can take a visit here.

Wat Mae Nang Pluem

As a temple of the same old age, the reputation of this temple may not be as high as the one above, but it can better ensure the quiet and ethereal atmosphere of the temple. This peaceful temple is full of religious relics left over from ancient times, allowing you to deeply feel Thai Buddhist culture and find a quiet place in the impetuous world. This temple is not very far from Bangkok. If you have the opportunity, you can witness it with your own eyes.

Wat Nerng Chamnong

Wat Nerng Chamnong is also a relatively small temple, but it is very suitable for relaxing your mood. The temple itself is not very far from Bangkok. It is about an hour’s drive away. Anyone who is interested can visit it by yourself.

Wat Roi Phra Phutthabat Phu Manorom

The Wat Roi Phra Phutthabat Phu Manorom has now become a new landmark in Mukdahan. This sculpture of Naga snake is beautiful and attractive, which is very eye-catching.

Wat Pha Tak Suea

You will never believe that there is place with such unique scenery in Thailand. Walking in this temple will really give you the illusion of walking in the clouds. This is also one of the most worth visiting attractions in Nong Khai.

Bang Pa-In Palace

Bang Pa-In Palace was built here in the 17th century by the Ayutthaya Dynasty, and was later burned down by the Burmese invasion. In the nineteenth century, Bangkok’s dynasty Rama IV re-elected to build a summer palace here. The summer palace has pleasant scenery, and it is mainly featuring the Western-style architecture, and there is a Chinese Tang Dynasty style palace, which integrates the Western, Thai, and Chinese architectural features.

Bang Pa-In Palace was originally built by King Prasat Thong of Ayutthaya Dynasty in 1632. Later, when Myanmar invaded Ayutthaya in 1767, it destroyed the summer palace and was slowly abandoned. Until the beginning of 1874, Emperor Chulalongkorn expanded and hired foreign architects to design and build many European-style buildings. Today, the entire Bang Pa-In Palace is like a quiet European-style manor with beautiful scenery and it is very fascinating.

All the materials and exhibits of the entire palace were shipped from China. The red pillars and yellow tiles of the whole palace show the style of the Forbidden City. The wall outside the palace is also engraved with the image of a dragon, giving Chinese tourists a sense of being in the country.

In addition, the most striking thing is the water imperial pavilion located in the middle of the lake. The pavilion is the typical Thai “three-pointed” style. The pavilion is like a golden crown, supported by dozens of golden pillars. It is the logo of Bang Pa-In Palace and is also one of the must-see attractions. The entire summer palace is actually not large, and photographing is prohibited in many places in the Bang Pa-In Palace. But the palace and the flowers and plants in the park show the meticulous design of the Bang Pa-In Palace, and it is charming under the blue sky and white clouds.

Attractions You Cannot Miss During Your Trip in Trang Province Thailand

Do you know where is the most beautiful place in Thailand? Maybe you want to mention Chiang Mai, Krabi, Hua Hin. In fact, the most beautiful place in Thailand is Trang Province, where you can see the sea and the sky meet, the clear water and blue sky, the coconut palm, and white sand. Here the small fish will kiss you, the coral is right under your eyes! And when you travel to Trang, you cannot miss the following attractions.

Trang Pedestrian Street

If you happen to take the train to Trang on the weekend and get off the train at night, then this pedestrian street is just in front of the train station. At night, there is a brightly lit night market, with local specialties, seaside costumes, antique accessories, and the handsome guys are singing at the door of the train station. It has to say that this is a very attractive pedestrian street.

Business hours: 17:00-22:00 during Friday to Sunday

Thung Khai Botanic Garden

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to find a quiet place to relax, then Thung Khai Botanic Garden is undoubtedly a good choice! This is a very large natural park with dense woods and pristine lawns. But the most famous in the park is a 20-meter-high and 175-meter-long viewing bridge. There are 6 small pavilions, where you can overlook the scenery, and it will never let you down!

Address: Botanic Garden Thung Khai, Yan Ta Khao District, Trang

Opening hours: 08:00-18:30

Koh Krada

Koh Krada is described by the National Tourism Administration as one of the most beautiful islands in Trang. With white sand beaches and transparent water, you can clearly see coral reefs and various fishes; and there are underwater weddings that everyone yearns for the most!

Address: Ko Libong, Gandong County, Trang

Ton Te Waterfall

Ton Te Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Trang Province. It originated from Banthat Mountain. When the water flows down from the mountain stream, the drop can reach more than 300 meters. If it is during the rainy season, the amount of water will be more and it is absolute very impressive!

Address: 4026 Rural Road, Tambon Palian, Chang Wat Trang 92180, Thailand

Opening hours: all day

Travel mode:

1.Take a train from Hua Lamphong, about 15 hours

2.Take a flight from Don Mueang Airport, about 1.5 hours

Prasat hin Phimai

Prasat, originally Khmer, is used in the northeastern region of Thailand. It is a customary name for Khmer-style ancient architecture. Translating Prasat as “stone palace” is a creative idea of overseas Chinese in Thailand. The construction age of Phimai’s stone palace is at the same time as the Prasat Muang Tam. Although the Prasat hin Phimai was built 500 years earlier than the famous Angkor Wat, they are the typical Angkor architectural style, but it is much smaller and more exquisite than Angkor Wat.

To enter the Prasat hin Phimai, you must first walk through the “naga bridge” of the snake head statue. In religion, this bridge is regarded as the place connecting the world and heaven. The Hydra statue is the patron saint of the stone palace. Naga is a snake god in Indian mythology. They are called “Dragons” in Buddhist scriptures. The Naga have their own world, there are palaces that are built by gold and many treasures. The Naga family is the guardian of this magical treasure.

Even after the scouring of history and civilization, the huge stone pillars suffering from vicissitudes are still majestic and shocking. The three pagodas clustered together in the center are the main building of the Prasat hin Phimai. The main tower is composed of a five-story platform, which rises toward the center of each layer to form a pyramid. This is the place where the gods live, and it is also the “heaven” that the king believes he will go to after his death.

Various Brahman myths and ethnic images are carved on the stone walls inside and outside the Prasat hin Phimai. Artistic traces of ancient Khmer carvings remain on the stone door frame. At that time, the king came here every year to perform sacrifices.

Hua Hin Swiss Sheep Farm

There are several scenic spots in HuaHin Thailand that are full of romantic and fresh atmosphere. The European-style architectural style and fresh and elegant colors here make you feel like you are on a trip to Europe. Swiss sheep farm is a leisure park with sheep as the theme, which is full of fresh and childlike fun, and it is very suitable for family and children to enjoy holiday. The park is not big, but there are scenes everywhere. From the door, you will unconsciously raise the camera and continue to take pictures. There are many scenes for parents and children and couples taking pictures in the park. Just enjoy the moment of taking pictures in the Hua Hin Swiss Sheep Farm.

If you encounter Halloween when you go there, the park will show the theme of Halloween, and Halloween elements such as pumpkin lanterns are everywhere. On the circle of grass, a large group of sheep stroll lazily, and when eating grass, they fight for food with great energy. You can feed the sheep. A pile of plants that costs 20 Baht is marked on the haystack, but you can exchange for a piece of grass with the ticket. There are also horses, cows, donkeys and other animals on the farm, but the number is very small.

The Swiss Sheep Farm also has carousel, lover lock, swing, rocking car and other amusement facilities, making it a paradise for children. There are many fish in the stream playing in the water. The place of exit is a small souvenir shop with sheep as the main element. The sheep with different shapes and good looks can touch your heart, as it is so cute.

The Swiss Sheep Farm scenic spot only sells small snacks such as drinks and hot dog sausages. There is no restaurant. If you need to dine, you can go back a little bit. There is a McDonald’s near the gas station, and there is a Chinese restaurant.

Tickets: 120 BAHT

Reviews: it is very suitable for parent-child travel

Attractions That You Cannot Miss in Koh Samet

Hat Sai Kaew

Hat Sai Kaew is located at the northeast corner of Koh Samet. It is about 1 km long and is the finest and whitest beach on the island. There are many bars near Hat Sai Kaew. After night, especially on weekend nights, there will be electronic party or flame dance show, etc., which is very lively. There are two statues at the southern end of Hat Sai Kaew: the prince and the mermaid statue, and you can take photos with them.

Ao Hin Khok and Ao Phai

These are two beautiful bays that are divided by rocks and capes. They are located south of Hat Sai Kaew. It takes only ten minutes to walk from Hat Sai Kaew. Compared to Hat Sai Kaew, here is softer and is popular among backpackers. Backpackers are all over the beach, they will completely relax themselves, slow their pace and enjoy the leisure life here. At night, these two bays will also be lively. Almost all backpackers on the island will gather here, drinking and singing together until late at night.

Ao Thian

Ao Thian is dotted with many huge reefs. It looks primitive and wild, and it will feel a bit lonely when it is cloudy. However, Ao Thian is one of the most laid-back beaches of Koh Samet, especially from Monday to Friday, where there are few people to visit, and you can soak up the primitive and beautiful reef, seascape, and beach here. On weekends, Ao Thian will be a little livelier.

Ao Prao

Ao Prao Bay on the west coast is a great place to watch the sunset. Lie on the beach, order a cocktail, wait for the sun to settle, and let the sea breeze flick your ears. However, Ao Prao Bay is almost occupied by high-end resort hotels, and there are still many people during the peak tourist season.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is located in Trat Province in eastern Thailand, and on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is the second-largest island in Thailand and the largest island in eastern Thailand. The island area is about 429 square kilometers. Koh Chang is also known as Elephant Island because it is shaped like a lying elephant.

There are many small islands within Koh Chang. In addition to this island, there are Ko Kood, Ko Mak, Ko Chang Noi, Ko Kut and many uninhabited islands. A few islands also have some accommodation or outlying hotels.

The east and west coasts of Koh Chang have different views and gameplay. The west coast has the broadest sandy beach on the island, and it is also a relatively fast-growing area on the island. Koh Chang’s east coast are mainly rolling hills and patches of palm trees and coconut trees. It has beautiful bays and mangroves.

Koh Chang has very good tropical rain forests and hiking scenery, so some hiking routes or bird-watching routes are also worth experiencing. In addition, there is a Koh Chang Thai Cookery School near Lonely Beach in Koh Chang, where you can learn some simple Thai cooking skills. The course time is generally 4-5 hours, and an advance reservation is required.

There are many diving and snorkeling places near Koh Chang, and there are many standard diving environments that are suitable for beginners. From the pier at the south end of Koh Chang, you can go to the sea by boat to Hin Luk Bat and Hin Rap. This is a paradise where fish and turtles gather, and Ko Rang has excellent sea water visibility. The diving sites everyone likes are Hin Gadeng and Hin Kuak Maa, with magnificent coral reefs and fish groups.

To Koh Chang, you can take MiniVan from Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal to Laem Ngop Pier in Dratak Province, and then take a boat from there to Koh Chang. The terminal may be the Sapparot or Tha Centrepoint, which is depending on the shipping company you take, and the price is about 80-100 baht.

Oub Kham Museum

Oub Kham Museum is a private museum with Lanna architecture. It showcases the royal objects of the Lanna dynasty that are carefully collected by the owner over the years, including dragon robes, antiques, ceramics, Buddha statues, crowns and more. The design of the museum reflects the intentions of the owner, and the landscape with the exhibits is also eye-opening. Whether it is an artificial cave, a rockery or a fountain, it is very delicate. In addition, when you open the door, you will see a variety of colorful jewelry antiques, giving people a very surprising feeling, which is shocking and gorgeous.

Although the Oub Kham Museum is not large, it systematically displays the exquisite artworks of the Naran Dynasty in Thailand. It can be seen that there are mainly religious or royal related items, and it also includes some furniture furnishings, which are all exquisite. And most of them are common gold ornaments. The courtyard design is very unique, and it is also good to take photos here.

The curator of the Oub Kham Museum is a collection of personal hobbies. From northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and many cities in southern China, there collected many precious Buddha statues, costumes, accessories and so on. Oub Kham Museum has been established for more than 30 years and is open to the outside world for 20 years. Tickets are 300 baht, and it is worth coming in because the museum is so beautiful! The colorful collection, the perfect protection system, and the beautiful overall building also attract tourists to visit the Oub Kham Museum. The Oub Kham Museum is helpful for anyone who wants to learn about the history and culture of northern Thailand, as many of the collections here provide insight into the history of the Lanna Kingdom.

Reasons to Travel to Pattaya

Various Festivals and Activities

The Pattaya Music Festival, held every March in Pattaya Beach and Town, is definitely a festival not to be missed. At that time, Pattaya’s seaside walks will turn into outdoor concert venues, which will be very spectacular! The music festival lasts three days and includes walking street festivals (touring events) and three types of free concerts. For the free concert, the red stage is for pop, rock and country music; the green stage is for jazz; the blue stage is for Hindi, hip-hop and R & B music. Similarly, the Tiffany Shemale Beauty Contest held in March is also a world-famous event. If you are lucky enough to catch up, you will meet the Thailand’s shemale group. The must-have items in the beauty contest, such as flower parade and talent shows, are worth watching.

Lots of Shopping Malls

The business district of Pattaya is mainly concentrated on the southern highway two and the seafront road. The business district brings together world-famous brands and some Thai local brands that are very distinctive. The choice for shopping is wide, and it is not inferior to Bangkok. Pattaya’s well-known shopping malls are as follows: Royal Garden Bazaar Shopping Center, Central Festival that is Pattaya’s largest department store, King Power Pattaya Branch and Outlets. Thai chain supermarket Big C is also a good choice.

Convenient Transportations

Pattaya’s urban area is not large. Even if you walk around the city, it won’t take much time. The traffic in the city is very simple. There are two main north-south roads: Beach Road and Pattaya Road 2. There are no bus lines in the city, but you can take the songthaew or rent a motorcycle. In addition, from Bangkok by car to Pattaya, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach Pattaya. In addition, you can also take long-distance buses or trains. There are also direct flights from Pattaya to Phuket and Koh Samui!