Ban Phad Thai Restaurant Bangkok

If you like Thai ผัดไทยปู or you are looking for a Thai restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere, come to this blue house Ban Phad Thai restaurant that can be remembered at a glance from Charoenkrung 44 alley. When you come to this restaurant, you must order Thai style ผัดไทยปู and other street foods, which will ensure that you will never forget the taste.

This restaurant refurbished the old house that is more than 50 years ago. The restaurant is decorated with advertising posters and old appliances. The dining tables are all antique wooden tables and chairs, giving people a feeling of going back to decades ago. In addition to Thai-style ผัดไทยปู in the restaurant, there are also various street snacks, such as fried chicken wings, which is sprinkled with ginger, garlic, and Mauritius orange leaves on fried salted chicken wings, and served with pickled fish sauce or fried rice noodles, to make it very delicious. You can also serve it with a bowl of sticky rice.

The kale roll, which is easy to eat and good for your health, is highly recommended. This is the kale leaf that is used to make dim sum rolls and replaced with kale leaf. And you can serve it with the sauce at the end. This restaurant’s ผัดไทยปู is the biggest highlight. This dish is mainly made by mixing the fine powder with crab meat, leek, bean sprouts, and other ingredients, and finally served with banana leaves. And you can try dishes that are highly recommended online.

Don’t forget to order a dessert after tasting the Thai ผัดไทยปู. If you like iced drinks, try a cup of Thai passion fruit tea that is mixed with black tea and passion pulp.

Opening hours: 11: 00-22: 00

Address: Soi Charoen Krung 44, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok

Phone: 0-2060-5553; 0-2060-5554; 06-3370-0220

Per capita consumption: 301-500 Baht

Transportation: BTS Saphan Taksin

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