Attractions That You Cannot Miss in Koh Samet

Hat Sai Kaew

Hat Sai Kaew is located at the northeast corner of Koh Samet. It is about 1 km long and is the finest and whitest beach on the island. There are many bars near Hat Sai Kaew. After night, especially on weekend nights, there will be electronic party or flame dance show, etc., which is very lively. There are two statues at the southern end of Hat Sai Kaew: the prince and the mermaid statue, and you can take photos with them.

Ao Hin Khok and Ao Phai

These are two beautiful bays that are divided by rocks and capes. They are located south of Hat Sai Kaew. It takes only ten minutes to walk from Hat Sai Kaew. Compared to Hat Sai Kaew, here is softer and is popular among backpackers. Backpackers are all over the beach, they will completely relax themselves, slow their pace and enjoy the leisure life here. At night, these two bays will also be lively. Almost all backpackers on the island will gather here, drinking and singing together until late at night.

Ao Thian

Ao Thian is dotted with many huge reefs. It looks primitive and wild, and it will feel a bit lonely when it is cloudy. However, Ao Thian is one of the most laid-back beaches of Koh Samet, especially from Monday to Friday, where there are few people to visit, and you can soak up the primitive and beautiful reef, seascape, and beach here. On weekends, Ao Thian will be a little livelier.

Ao Prao

Ao Prao Bay on the west coast is a great place to watch the sunset. Lie on the beach, order a cocktail, wait for the sun to settle, and let the sea breeze flick your ears. However, Ao Prao Bay is almost occupied by high-end resort hotels, and there are still many people during the peak tourist season.

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