Bangkok Hands and Heart Coffee Shop

Bangkok’s Hands and Heart Coffee Shop is located in the Aselas Apartment Building in Thonglor District, Bangkok, in a quite hidden and quiet alleyway. Many of the residents here are Japanese, so the streets are very clean. Hands and Heart coffee is run by three people who especially like coffee: a photographer, a media people and a writer.

The Hands and Heart coffee shop is very well-lit, with a skylight above the aluminum-iron chair area, and sunlight naturally falls in. Without any lighting, the food on the table can show a natural and attractive color. The wooden seating area in the coffee shop is close to the window, and there are many large pillows. In front of the coffee shop, they have a small smoking area, and there is free WIFI and different power plugs for guests. Hands and Heart coffee actually look much smaller than the photos, and may only accommodate 20 to 25 people.

The specialty of Hands and Heart coffee shop is not the decoration, but the coffee beans they provide. There are well-known roasted coffee beans “Coffee Collective” and “Timweldel Boe”, and there are also delicious coffee beans of Thailand, Africa, Colombia, Brazil and so on. And all coffee is brewed by hand!

In keeping with the style of the store, they put black coffee in white cups and white coffee in black cups. Black coffee comes from different sources around the world, while white coffee only has one. In Hands and Heart coffee shop, whether it is white coffee or black coffee, the taste is sour, the fruit acidity is heavy, so it is suitable for friends who like single coffee.

Address: Siam Square Soi 8, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330

Phone: +66 81 442 7977

Business hours: 10:00-20:00

Prasat hin Phimai

Prasat, originally Khmer, is used in the northeastern region of Thailand. It is a customary name for Khmer-style ancient architecture. Translating Prasat as “stone palace” is a creative idea of overseas Chinese in Thailand. The construction age of Phimai’s stone palace is at the same time as the Prasat Muang Tam. Although the Prasat hin Phimai was built 500 years earlier than the famous Angkor Wat, they are the typical Angkor architectural style, but it is much smaller and more exquisite than Angkor Wat.

To enter the Prasat hin Phimai, you must first walk through the “naga bridge” of the snake head statue. In religion, this bridge is regarded as the place connecting the world and heaven. The Hydra statue is the patron saint of the stone palace. Naga is a snake god in Indian mythology. They are called “Dragons” in Buddhist scriptures. The Naga have their own world, there are palaces that are built by gold and many treasures. The Naga family is the guardian of this magical treasure.

Even after the scouring of history and civilization, the huge stone pillars suffering from vicissitudes are still majestic and shocking. The three pagodas clustered together in the center are the main building of the Prasat hin Phimai. The main tower is composed of a five-story platform, which rises toward the center of each layer to form a pyramid. This is the place where the gods live, and it is also the “heaven” that the king believes he will go to after his death.

Various Brahman myths and ethnic images are carved on the stone walls inside and outside the Prasat hin Phimai. Artistic traces of ancient Khmer carvings remain on the stone door frame. At that time, the king came here every year to perform sacrifices.

Some Time Blue Coffee Shop

Coffee lovers know how to appreciate the mellowness of coffee juice, and the surprise of “back to sweet after bitterness” is fascinating. As a “coffee addiction patient”, you may have seen a lot of coffee shops of various styles in Bangkok. However, the boutique hand-made coffee shops that are really loved by many people are only SOME TIME BLUE, Drip & Drop Coffee Supply and Gallery Drip Coffee, tourists who like coffee must not miss them when you come to Bangkok. Today we especially recommend Some Time Blue coffee shop.

In the ordinary lanes of Bangkok, there are hidden masters who make great coffee. The coffee shop of Sutida Srirungthum, who won the 2016 National Thailand Brewers Cup 2016, is hidden in a small alley near BTS Ari.

Some Time Blue’s most visitors come to the shop for the reason of Sutida’s reputation, and they want to see and taste the champion’s craft in person, and Sutida seems to add a few rings to the cup of hand-made coffee.

Upstairs at Some Time Blue is Sahamongkol Film, a well-known Thai film company. Several excellent movies, such as the boxing series and “This Little Thing of First Love”, are quite famous. The original shop Sutdrip near the coffee shop and the restaurant Kaobahn are both extensions of Sutida.

But the most attractive thing is still the hand-made coffee menu. The first recommendation is, of course, the signature 10-hour cold brew coffee, which costs 180 baht; ice shake coffee is also Sutida’s proud work, which takes you only 180 baht.

The coffee beans that Some Time Blue mostly uses are from Africa. Its products include Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda. If you are unfamiliar with these, directly inform your favorite coffee taste and let the professional people make the decision for you.

Some Time Blue store information:

Per capita: 100-200 Baht

Opening hours: 09:00-19:00 daily, open at 10:30 on weekends

Address: 55/5 Soi Phahonyothin 2 Samsen Nai Payathai