Vegan Restaurants Recommendations in Bangkok


Ano-Thai is a comprehensive vegetarian restaurant which is specializing in modern Chinese cuisine. Ano-Thai’s owner owns a well-known organic farm, whose name is called “Plook-Ruk Farm”, where all the ingredients for the restaurant are obtained from. As a result, diners can be guaranteed that the best organic dishes are always available here. Tofu Laarb, Thai-style soaked spaghetti, organic salad, fried rice and anchovies, and Chinese broccoli are all worth trying. Also, be sure to taste freshly squeezed juice or dessert to end this delicious meal!

Address: Asoke-Din Daeng (near Rama 9 Hospital)

Phone: 02-641-5366

May Veggie Home

May Veggie Home restaurant is right next to the BTS and offers a variety of vegetarian fusion dishes. Their specialty is black pepper imitation meat, in which the meat is made from high-quality soybeans that are marinated in rice flour. This alternative can also give you the protein you need every day. This dish is made by frying the “meat” in sesame oil and then adding seafood sauce. In fact, all their meat-imitation dishes are very healthy and taste great!

Address: BTS Asoke across from Exchange Building

Phone: 02-118-2967

Yoo-Eee-Jae Hua-Lumphong

YEJ is arguably the most well-known vegetarian restaurant in Warrenfa and the surrounding area. All food critics say that the dishes at this restaurant will make you forget that you are eating vegetables. Its highlight is the smoked pork in red sauce, and the leg of this dish is made of soy protein. It is then marinated and cooked. Another must-try dish is their fried chicken and cashew nuts. If you plan to come here for tasting, be sure to make an appointment in advance, as there are many people here every week!

Address: MRT Hua Lumphong Soi Phraya Singhani

Phone: 02-219-1721

Opening hours: 10:00 am to 21:00 pm daily.

Reasons to Travel to Pattaya

Various Festivals and Activities

The Pattaya Music Festival, held every March in Pattaya Beach and Town, is definitely a festival not to be missed. At that time, Pattaya’s seaside walks will turn into outdoor concert venues, which will be very spectacular! The music festival lasts three days and includes walking street festivals (touring events) and three types of free concerts. For the free concert, the red stage is for pop, rock and country music; the green stage is for jazz; the blue stage is for Hindi, hip-hop and R & B music. Similarly, the Tiffany Shemale Beauty Contest held in March is also a world-famous event. If you are lucky enough to catch up, you will meet the Thailand’s shemale group. The must-have items in the beauty contest, such as flower parade and talent shows, are worth watching.

Lots of Shopping Malls

The business district of Pattaya is mainly concentrated on the southern highway two and the seafront road. The business district brings together world-famous brands and some Thai local brands that are very distinctive. The choice for shopping is wide, and it is not inferior to Bangkok. Pattaya’s well-known shopping malls are as follows: Royal Garden Bazaar Shopping Center, Central Festival that is Pattaya’s largest department store, King Power Pattaya Branch and Outlets. Thai chain supermarket Big C is also a good choice.

Convenient Transportations

Pattaya’s urban area is not large. Even if you walk around the city, it won’t take much time. The traffic in the city is very simple. There are two main north-south roads: Beach Road and Pattaya Road 2. There are no bus lines in the city, but you can take the songthaew or rent a motorcycle. In addition, from Bangkok by car to Pattaya, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach Pattaya. In addition, you can also take long-distance buses or trains. There are also direct flights from Pattaya to Phuket and Koh Samui!

Chiang Mai Gate

Chiang Mai Gate is the south gate of the Chiang Mai Old City. It is one of the most complete ancient city gates in Chiang Mai. The gate is made of pure wood and has a sense of history. It’s better to find accommodation nearby, and there is a market, which is safer and more convenient. At the same time, this is also the place where the Saturday night market starts. Every Saturday evening, the hawkers start to spread their stalls, and the crowd is very lively.

Chiang Mai Gate is a very ancient city wall ruins. This gate is quite interesting. The gate has a long history. Chiang Mai Gate is also a very special building. Many features here can be felt and there is ancient wall that is well protected. It is also a good choice to come here to take photos to commemorate during the day.

Chiang Mai Gate doesn’t seem to be as famous as Tha Pae Gate. When it comes to Chiang Mai Gate, many people regard it as Tha Pae Gate. Chiang Mai Gate is also an ancient gate in the old city. When you come out of the gate, it is a moat, and there are small fountains on the river. And there are a lot of pigeons. You can buy food and feed them. The surrounding traffic is very convenient. You can stroll to Chiang Mai Gate in the Chiang Mai old city, which is opposite the market, and the moat is surrounding the old city. The city wall here is not high, which is completely different from the ancient city walls of Xi’an in China, but it also reveals the vicissitudes of history.

Chiang Mai Gate is near the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage Center. The direction of Chiang Mai Gate in the ancient city of Chiang Mai is the south. It is relatively well-preserved. The traffic is much less than that of Tha Pae Gate There are many snack stalls at night. Local famous snacks will make you have a good appetite, and a variety of fresh fruits are cheap, so, just don’t miss them when you visit the gate. Walking around the city wall slowly, savoring the long history of the old city, and spending a short holiday here, you will feel very good.

Rotsaniyom Is Worthy of Your Buying in Bangkok

Rotsaniyom is located in Siam Center. 3RD FLOOR. Its founder, Orf, began to design T-shirts at his college time. After graduating, he opened his first clothing store in Chatuchak, Bangkok, and his brand began to enter major shopping malls in Bangkok in just three years.

The design inspiration of Rotsaniyom brand mainly comes from daily life. The people they met and the topics they talked about, especially culture, food, politics, etc., gave Orf a lot of creative nutrients. Rotsaniyom is a clothing brand that is based on the spirit of “Thainess”, and “Thai style” is not the traditional Thai pattern which is associated with ordinary people, but a reflection of Thai culture in daily life. In response, Orf said, “I hope that when it comes to the characteristics of Thailand, you can look at it from a whole new perspective.”

White color is reminiscent of purity and cleanliness. In Rotsaniyom, the soft flowing white lace speaks of dreamy design words. Orf insists on originality. The clothes are mainly white, with retro elements in simplicity. It is a collision between tradition and modernity.

The slogan of this series is “Love, Share, No Gender”, and it is also a series with higher voices. Lace is a kind of fabric with Victorian spirit, and it is actually difficult to escape from the classic romantic impression, but in Orf’s design, it has a kind of rebellious taste.

Under the premise of ensuring the wearability of clothing, Rotsaniyom has creatively developed the lace suit and jacket, which features a vague gender definition that it can be worn by both men and women, and it has a special “imperfect beauty”, and is unique in design, yet still looks handsome. If you like this kind of clothing design, don’t miss it when you go shopping in Bangkok.

Exquisite Restaurants That Cannot Miss In Bangkok

Little Hideout

The ingredients of this restaurant are imported from France. The interior decoration style is like a home that everyone wants to own. It is featuring greenery, small balcony, comfortable sofa, delicious and beautiful desserts, and anyone who comes here will like it. Not to mention that the ingredients here are all selected by world-class dessert chefs. The shape of each dessert is ingenious to make the best and most distinctive look. It is very suitable for girls who like to take pictures and share pictures on the Internet to enjoy themselves here.

Location: Taling Chan

Per capita consumption: 250 THB

Truly Scrumptious

It used to be a coffee shop and it didn’t sell cakes. The cake will only be made according to the customer’s request when the customer specifically orders it. Probably because of the positive reviews, Truly Scrumptious started selling cakes in the store a year later. Mini Dark Oero Pie with Raspberry (THB 210) is one of the most popular menus, and the appearance of the desert makes girls can’t help but come here and try it out.

Location: Sukhumvit 31

Per capita consumption: 250 THB

Unbirthday Cafe

Entering S31 lane, you look at the map on your mobile phone and find that it is not easy to find this store, and you will locate an apartment. Yes, Unbirthday Cafe is in this Mapengseng apartment! Don’t hesitate to go directly to the second floor, you will find here is the swimming pool! Still right, this coffee shop is right next to the pool. Who says you can eat cake for birthday? As long as it is not a birthday, you can have an unbirthday cake here every day. The owner himself really likes Alice in Wonderland, so he also uses this as inspiration to make a series of desserts in the Tea Party that Alice participated in the dreamland.

Location: Sukhumvit 31

Per capita consumption: 250 THB

Bangkok D’ARK Café

D’ARK’s full name is D’ARK by Phillip Di Bella. This D’ARK in EmQuartier is located directly below the floor of ROAST Café. The restaurant is decorated with dark wood and black metal elements. On the bar at the door, there holds the award for the best restaurant of 2016. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can see the restaurant’s iconic chandeliers. The store also features black and white and wood colors, and the decoration style was very androphany.

There are also many Brunch options at D’ARK, such as Eggs Benedict and Breakfast Cocotte. Dessert and ice cream menus are also very appetizing, as well as seafood and meat for dinner. Breakfast Cocotte English Breakfast Cocotte (350 ฿) is a more traditional English breakfast. The tomatoes, sausages, eggs, tomato beans, and mushrooms should basically be there, and the taste is good. After eating, you will feel it just right. The Spanish Breakfast Cocotte (350 ฿), like the former one, is also presented in a hot black stone pan to maintain the heat of the food. The two are only slightly different in the mix of the dishes. The latter one changes tomato and beans mushrooms to onions and potatoes, and sausages of the two also taste a little different.

Matcha Green Tea Latte (130 baht) is very rich in taste. The syrup can be added according to personal taste. It is very user-friendly. The cup is a double-layered glass that can be insulated from the cold or the heat. The quality of Piccolo Latte (105 baht) is still guaranteed, and visitors to the restaurant should order it.

In general, the environment of the Bangkok D’ARK Café is very quiet and comfortable, and there are indoor and outdoor area options, and the price is similar to that of ROAST. If you are interested, you can come here and try it.

Bangkok D’ARK Café Thonglor Branch Store Info:

Address: Piman 49-Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok 10110Thailand

Phone: (+66) -2-662-7900

Opening hours: 8: 00-22: 00

Bangkok D’ARK Café EmQuartier Branch Store Info:

Address: EmQuartier-651 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong TanNuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Phone: (+66) -2-003-6013

Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00 from Sunday to Thursday; 10: 00-23: 00 from Friday to Saturday

Wat Phanan Choeng

Wat Phanan Choeng stands by the river. In front of the temple, it is a white round-pointed stupa, which is about 15 meters high. There is a zen statue in the temple. The front face is 14 meters wide, 19 meters high, 20.17 meters wide, and its body is gold plating. The Thai called it a very large Buddha statue. A grand ceremony of Buddha worship is held here in the middle of October every year. According to Thai documentation, the temple was built in 1324. Most of the worshippers here are local Chinese, and pilgrims are in constant flow throughout the year. During the Spring Festival, overseas Chinese from other provinces come here to worship, which is the liveliest time.

The location of Wat Phanan Choeng is relatively remote. It is in the east of the city, and the fare will be very expensive if you take a taxi there. Wat Phanan Choeng is currently under renovation and the temple is free to visit. There are many cute kittens in it.

Wat Phanan Choeng was 26 years before the establishment of Ayutthaya. It has been experienced years of restoring the magnificence of the temple, now a statue in the palace is majestic. Because it is located at the junction of the Chao Phraya River and the Basak River, most of the cruise ships on the Chao Phraya River will stop here slightly.

This temple is near a corner of Ayutthaya Grand Palace Ruins, right by the river. When you go there in the afternoon, the view across the river is very beautiful against the light. In addition to the main hall of the temple, which is made of all teak, there are also several pointed pagodas where the ashes of ancestors are still enshrined. The huge statue of Wat Phanan Choeng is the oldest in the area before the Ayutthaya Empire was discovered. The temple has been restored many times. The latest restoration was more than a hundred years ago. Avoid visiting the temple during festivals, weekends, and Buddhist holy days, because Buddhists are always there for pilgrimages. The architecture of Wat Phanan Choeng is still very special. There are also many tourists coming here. If you are interested, you can come and visit it, which is still very interesting.

Thai Yanhee Diet Pills Shopping Guide

Yanhee diet pills are named after Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, because the diet pills can only be obtained in this hospital. Yanhee Hospital is the largest and most famous cosmetic hospital in Thailand. It is well-known in the country for its good cosmetic techniques. The hospital also has the most complete cosmetic projects in Thailand. In addition to cosmetic technology, Yanhee’s hot product is Yanhee diet pills.

How to take Yanhee diet pills

Diet pills are divided into ordinary and enhanced versions. The enhanced version just increases the dosage, and there is no essential difference. Generally, it is taken 10 minutes before meals. Do not eat fried foods and noodle products during the medication. Do not drink alcohol or carbonated drinks. The doctor will make some dietary requirements when prescribing the medicine for you. If you follow the doctor’s suggestion, combine with proper exercise, you will certainly have an unexpected effect.

People who are suitable to take Yanhee diet pills

Yanhee diet pills are suitable for most people who are troubled by obesity. They should be under 40 years old. Older age will affect the effect of Yanhee diet pills. Women cannot take Yanhee diet pills during pregnancy, lactation, and menstruation. In addition, people with heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension cannot take it.

How to buy Yanhee diet pills

After entering the hospital, the nurse will first ask if you need to see a doctor. If you need it, you will need to pay 50 baht. During this period, the doctor will ask many questions, and then he will help you measure weight, height, blood pressure, etc .; or you can fill out the form and prescribe the medicine. The form will contain all the questions the doctor will ask during the interview.

No matter how you get the diet pills, they are prescribed by a professional doctor which is based on the age and physical condition of the person who buys the medicine, and it is safe.

Where Can You Enjoy Delicious Taiwan Food in Bangkok?

Din Tai Fung Restaurant Central Embassy Branch Store

The Central Embassy Branch Store is located on the 5th floor of the Central Embassy Mall. The 5th floor here features mainly restaurant cuisine. The Din Tai Fung restaurant here is still quite spacious. The decoration is different from the Din Tai Fung restaurant in Central World. For example, the seats here are trimmed with wood and black leather as the bottom; the tabletop is not glass or marble, but simple wood materials; the table is also shorter and can only accommodate four people. In general, it is much more low-key than the decoration in Central World.

The food in this Din Tai Fung restaurant is also mainly Steamed Buns and Chinese cuisine, where you can see many classic foods that are common in China. For example, red oil wonton, crab buns, fried noodles, beef noodles, hot and sour soup, seafood wonton and so on are available here. Among them, the more popular are crab yellow buns, beef noodles, and freshly squeezed watermelon juice and citronella juice. And watermelon juice is a very popular drink in the three Din Tai Fung restaurants in Bangkok.

Phone: +662 6461 282

Address: 1031 Ploenchit Road, Pratumwan, L5-06 / 3R, Bangkok 10330


Opening hours: Weekend: 10: 00-22: 00, the rest of the time: 11: 00-22: 00

Din Tai Fung Restaurant Central Plaza Ladprao Branch Store

Central Plaza Ladprao Branch Store is located in Central Plaza. This Din Tai Fung restaurant has been in this mall for a short time. The style of the restaurant is still very similar to that of the main store. It is also featuring wooden floors, wooden tables and chairs and some leather. In addition, the tables in the restaurant are decorated with many flowers and plants, which is relatively fresh and adds a lot of color to the restaurant.

The restaurant will also provide a lot of snacks and pasta, and it is clean and hygienic. Customers who enter the store can see through the glass and see the chefs preparing various foods. The main dishes of the restaurant are red oil noodles, fresh meat Steamed Buns, shrimp egg rice, truffle Steamed Buns and so on.

Phone: +662 7936 000

Address: 1693 Phahonyothin Alley, Sena Nikhom, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900


Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Summer Street Truck to Enjoy the Delicious Seafood

Today we would like to recommend a Bangkok seafood restaurant for you: Summer Street Seafood truck (ปิ้ง ย ปิ้ งา ง ซี ฟู๊ ด สุด แน ง ซี ฟู๊ ด สุด แ ว, Food truck อารีย์ ซอย 2). In the tropical evening, sitting by the truck, eating seafood barbecue, drinking Japanese beer, you will feel that you are very happy in such an environment.

You will feel them very delicious when the shells slowly open and the green smoke comes out of the conch holes.

Pick up the seafood with chopsticks, dip the sour and spicy Thai sauce, put it in your mouth, and drink a bite of beer. This is the delicious happiness that belongs to this tropical city. As a traveler, what kind of experience will it be?

This seafood truck is located at BTS ARI station and is open daily from 16:00. There are three types of seafood set: small (S), medium (M) and large (L). Small set meal takes THB 399 for 1-2 persons; medium set meal THB 599 for 3-4 persons; large set meal THB 999 for 5 persons or more.

The meal set includes: shrimp size jumbo, squid, mussel, babylonia areolate, and blood cockle. If there is anything you don’t like, you can tell the waiter to get a new one.

If you like crabs or oysters, there are some other meal sets for you to choose from. When it comes to seafood-based beer, in addition to Thailand ’s delicious local beer (singha), there are also beers that are imported from Japan and elsewhere that are definitely cheaper than domestic ones.

Address: Bangkok City Rail BTS ARI Station. After exiting, go to A-RI Lane 2 and you can see Summer Street food truck on the left. (1/6 ซอย อารีย์ 2 Khwaeng Samsen Nai Khet Phaya Thai 10400 Thailand)

Phone: +66 92 354 2692

Small reminder: The restaurant only has about 10 seats. If you don’t want to wait for the seat, you need to arrive in advance.