Octave Rooftop Bar

Octave Rooftop Bar is located upstairs at Bangkok Marriott Hotel and is one of Bangkok’s well-known rooftop bars. The building where Octave Rooftop Bar is located in the tallest building nearby, so from Octave Rooftop Bar you can see the entire Bangkok without obstacles.

The design of Octave Rooftop Bar is inspired by the apartment terrace in New York. The bar has a huge space. The 360-degree top deck can accommodate 120 people. There are not only lounge areas on the lower floor that are suitable for casual conversation, but also indoor restaurants suitable for private conversation. Guests are free to choose their own area. This is an open bar, which breaks through the traditional space structure of traditional bars.

The 45th floor is the main part of the Octave Rooftop Bar, which is also the area where the rest area is located. Guests reach the 45th-floor deck space through glass doors. The DJ is near the entrance. The deck space has a slightly raised platform, and the countertops and wall panels are wooden. There is a series of lounges that are made of rattan. The black rattan looks stylish and simple. The Octave Rooftop Bar provides guests with a good place to relax and prepare delicious food.

Going upstairs, you will arrive at another open deck space and bar which is more compact. The 48th floor is also an open area where people can enjoy the Bangkok skyline from the tables and chairs in front of the glass wall.

The 49th floor is the highest area of the Octave Rooftop Bar. On the highest platform, the deck space is fully open, the oval bar is in the middle, and it lights up blue at night. On the roof deck, you can enjoy 360-degree views of Bangkok metropolis.

Octave Rooftop Bar Address: 57 Sukhumvit Rd, Klongtan-Nua, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110

Opening hours: 17: 00-02: 00 daily

Phone number: + (66) 27970400

Ban Phad Thai Restaurant Bangkok

If you like Thai ผัดไทยปู or you are looking for a Thai restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere, come to this blue house Ban Phad Thai restaurant that can be remembered at a glance from Charoenkrung 44 alley. When you come to this restaurant, you must order Thai style ผัดไทยปู and other street foods, which will ensure that you will never forget the taste.

This restaurant refurbished the old house that is more than 50 years ago. The restaurant is decorated with advertising posters and old appliances. The dining tables are all antique wooden tables and chairs, giving people a feeling of going back to decades ago. In addition to Thai-style ผัดไทยปู in the restaurant, there are also various street snacks, such as fried chicken wings, which is sprinkled with ginger, garlic, and Mauritius orange leaves on fried salted chicken wings, and served with pickled fish sauce or fried rice noodles, to make it very delicious. You can also serve it with a bowl of sticky rice.

The kale roll, which is easy to eat and good for your health, is highly recommended. This is the kale leaf that is used to make dim sum rolls and replaced with kale leaf. And you can serve it with the sauce at the end. This restaurant’s ผัดไทยปู is the biggest highlight. This dish is mainly made by mixing the fine powder with crab meat, leek, bean sprouts, and other ingredients, and finally served with banana leaves. And you can try dishes that are highly recommended online.

Don’t forget to order a dessert after tasting the Thai ผัดไทยปู. If you like iced drinks, try a cup of Thai passion fruit tea that is mixed with black tea and passion pulp.

Opening hours: 11: 00-22: 00

Address: Soi Charoen Krung 44, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok

Phone: 0-2060-5553; 0-2060-5554; 06-3370-0220

Per capita consumption: 301-500 Baht

Transportation: BTS Saphan Taksin

Barrio Bonito Restaurant

Barrio Bonito can be said to be a well-known Mexican-style restaurant in Thailand. It was first opened in the relatively unpopular tourist destination of Koh Chang. With its authentic Mexican taste, it quickly became a popular restaurant on Koh Chang. And it opens the branch in Bangkok. The Barrio Bonito branch in Bangkok is located in The Commons. The restaurant is particularly eye-catching. The decoration is the typical Mexican street style. The bar and dining table are made of concrete and brick, the walls are made of galvanized sheet, and the ceiling is decorated with empty wine bottles.

Although it looks primitive, it is cool. Like The Mexican restaurant, there is also a large portrait of Miss La Cavalera Catrina, and there are many skull decorations in all corners. And Barrio Bonito has an open kitchen. While waiting for the dishes, you can see the cooking process of each dish. The chef is Mexican, and there are not too many tricks when it is compared with other Mexican restaurants in Bangkok. The dishes introduced by the restaurant feature the most authentic Mexican flavors.

Tinga De Pollo

It is also served with cornflakes, beans and grilled chicken with peppers, then seasoned with tomato sauce and cheese and cream, which is completely a taste bud enjoyment.

Doraditos De Guacamole

Doraditos De Guacamole is neatly packed in a box like an egg, and it looks like a small ice cream, which is very cute. The sharp “sweet cone” is made of tortillas, while the “cream” is served with avocado jam, paired with pomegranate and cheese, with a smooth texture and the light fragrance. Ceviche is also a very healthy dish to taste.

Address: 335 ถนน สุขุมวิท Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110

Opening hours: 11: 00 – 23: 30

Spending a Romantic Honeymoon Tour in Southeast

With the level of life-living, the wedding become more important than before, and the honeymoon after marriage has also been an indispensable part. Well, your wedding will be more perfect if there is a sweet honeymoon trip. Then, where to spend your valuable honeymoon tour? From the whole world, I believe Southeast Travel has been known to many people, of course include the familiar Thailand honeymoon trip. Let me introduce some interesting places.


Thailand – a romantic, charming and exotic country, has been loved by people from all over the world because of its high cost performance and rich tourism resources, and especially you have often heard of Thailand Honeymoon Tour! There is local customs, ocean and nature waterfall without any pollution, cultural monuments… well, all of this has embellished the whole Thailand – where you can feel the fusion of history and modernity.

If you both like noisy and crowded, you have better to Phuket, where is full of hustle and bustle, much fun there. If you wanna stay in silent, the Koh Samui island should be listed on your schedule. On the island, there is no hustle and bustle, but more peace, you can feel the pastimes and freedom, and of course absolutely safety. In the day time, you can enjoy the shinning blue coast and clear sky, while in the evening, you can sit at the beach an watch the sunset. How beautiful a scene!


Maldives – its name is so popular and has been appeared on big screen usually! There is floating hours in Maldives (actually Thailand also have floating house, even market.), which is unique experience. The honeymoon resort here is well-known for great service, and also here is a welcoming paradise.


Pu Qhuoc Island, Vietnam

Pu Qhuoc island is one of Vietnam’s hidden paradise. ‘Cause it is relatively quiet when comparing to the other coastal attractions. Although it is quiet, it is easy to get there, motorcycle rental tours are popular. During your honeymoon period, there is many things to do here – experience a snorkeling or scuba diving to have a look at the underwater beauty.


Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar is a country famous for its culture and temple architecture. Since there is most of Buddhists in this country, the building here was affected. I think, the most suitable for honeymoon in Myanmar is Bagan – the most original nature beauty in Myanmar there will attracts you to explorer, and you can obviously feel the architecture and atmosphere are different from other countries. Apart from this, a romantic sunset views and with hot-air balloon are waiting for you.

There is so many places are deserve for honeymoon tour, or common visit. Maybe you can find more interested thing and fun if you come. In my eyes, a honeymoon trip in Thailand will be the most popular and unforgettable!

Wat Ban Rai

Wat Ban Rai is facing the east, so, it is the best time to take pictures there before 9:00 am. The elephant head and Naga will be backlit after noon. The temple has been designed with night lighting and when you arrive there in the evening, the lights below the Naga are warm, which will cover the elephant body, so Wat Ban Rai is also known as Thailand’s most magic fantasy temple.

Wat Ban Rai’s Naga is a dragon head and snake body, and there is a dragon king on the back. Naga has nineteen heads, and the numbers of two Naga add up to thirty-eight, representing sacred life. Each Naga uses one million tiles to make up. The seven-headed Naga in the pool represents seven colors and uses nine thousand tiles. The Naga Bridge symbolizes the way to the heavenly universe, and Wat Ban Rai is storytelling and mutually reinforcing.

Wat Ban Rai is surrounded by giant frescoes on the ground floor, each painting has a height of at least one and a half stories. The style of painting shows the dark and heavy hell, which forms an extreme contrast with the light heaven. The circular gradient of the ceiling symbolizes heaven and goes up the slope on one side to heaven.

After walking through the gates of heaven, this layer shows a process of Buddhist evolution. The top of the temple is dedicated to a walking Buddha, and in front of it is the golden statue of Master Long Po Kun. Looking down from the highest level of the tower, you can see the beautiful rural scenery of the northern Thailand.

Wat Ban Rai is more of a work of art and a museum than a temple. If you are not a Buddhist, then it is better to admire these breathtaking works of art with a visitor’s mindset. It is also an unforgettable and meaningful action in travel.

The Thai Human Imagery Museum

The Thai Human Imagery Museum

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is located in Nakhon Pathom. Opened in 1989, it is the first wax museum in Thailand which is made of fiberglass figures. It aims to promote the culture and art of Thailand. The wax works in the museum are the artistic crystallization integrating the artistry, ideology and folk customs of the Thai people, including not only the statues of the Kings and monks of the Bangkok dynasty, but also the real-life scenes of the Thai people.

The waxworks of Thai Human Imagery Museum are made by famous Thai waxworks through years of hard work and painstaking efforts. Most of them are based on Thai historical stories and folk tales. There are 40 life-size wax figures. All parts of the body are lifelike and real. And it is difficult to tell them from the real person. There are not only the famous King Rama I to V ’s “meetings” with the monarchs, but also monks sitting upright there, and there are ordinary people in daily life. Under the auspices of light and scenery, all of them are vivid, but the true and fake figures are indistinguishable. In addition to individual wax figures, there are 26 wax figure groups. Among the characters, there are men and women, old and young, stories and plots, and it has quite a strong sense of movement. The portraits on display are all made of fiberglass, and the skin is soft and elastic. Skin tone, pores and even skin scars of the wax figures all look like that of real people. Here you can not only enjoy Thai cultural and artistic treasures, but also learn about Thai cultural allusions and history.

The Thai Human Imagery Museum is located 31 kilometers west of Bangkok. There is a daily shuttle bus to the museum from the Southern District Bus Station. In addition, if you are driving or renting a car from Bangkok, you can drive along the Pinklao-NakhonChaisi highway for about 40 minutes.

PeePee ViewPoint

PeePee ViewPoint is located in the center of Ko Phi Phi Don. Starting from Ao Tonsai Pier and climbing along the mountain road for about 30 minutes, you will arrive at the PeePee ViewPoint, from where you can overlook the panoramic view of Phi Phi Island and the coastline of the entire island, you can see the beautiful scenery. Especially, you can clearly see Ao Tonsai Pier and Rodaram Bay. The two crescent-shaped silver beaches are almost next to each other.

The sunset at PeePee ViewPoint is very beautiful. The best time to enjoy the sunset is about 18:30 in the evening, because the temperature is slightly lower, and it is easier to climb the mountain. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the pier to the foot of the mountain and 30 minutes to climb to PeePee ViewPoint. The mountain road is relatively steep, it is more difficult to climb up, and tourists who are not very good physically need to reserve more in advance. Climb to 2/3, there will be direction indication sunset viewpoint 1, 2, 3, of which 1 is the highest point, but the distance is also the longest. The hilltop is full of flowers.

PeePee ViewPoint is a very popular spot on Ko Phi Phi Don. Here you can appreciate the beautiful sea view or stunning sunrise and sunset, and here you can enjoy 360-degree views of the Ko Phi Phi Don without dead corners, which is very good. There are not many people on the observation deck in the morning, and the atmosphere is really great.

It takes about half an hour to get to ViewPoint after entering from the ticket office. Remember to bring anti-mosquito water when watching the sunset on the observation deck as there are many mosquitoes on the top of the mountain. If you have enough time, you can go and take a visit there, it is still a very good experience.

Ko Phi Phi Le

Ko Phi Phi Le and Ko Phi Phi Don are separated by about 2 kilometers, and their area is about 6.6 square kilometers. Cliffs are towering around them, and the terrain is very dangerous, so there are not so many people there. There are several huge limestone caves on the island. There are many beautiful stalactites hanging in the cave, and some of the cave walls are also engraved with murals of prehistoric humans, elephants, and ships.

Ko Phi Phi Le is used to be the location for the Hollywood film “The Beach” because of the natural beauty of the beach. Well-known attractions include Mahya Bay and Viking Cave where “The Beach” was filmed. The snorkeling and deep diving in Mahya Bay are great. There are many sea swallows in the Viking Cave, which are rich in bird’s nests. In the nearby sea, you may also see the hard work of workers collecting bird’s nests.

Ko Phi Phi Le becomes popular because of its beautiful scenery, and the water quality there is almost unpolluted, and there are many types of marine life. It is an ideal diving spot. There are cliffs around the island, and the terrain is dangerous. There are several huge limestone caves. At present, only Viking caves are open for tourists to visit. After lunch, you can snorkel at Ko Phi Phi Le. It is recommended to put on a life jacket. It is relatively easy and effortless to float on the water. The underwater world is still quite colorful and can be seen very clearly.

If you book one day trip to Ko Phi Phi Le with a local travel agency, it will generally include attractions such as Shark Point, Great Barrier Reef, Bird’s Nest Cave and several snorkeling trips. Take a boat to Ko Phi Phi Le to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax. The scenery along the way is also super beautiful and it is an island worth playing.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay belongs to Phi Phi Island National Park and is located on the west coast of Ko Phi Phi Le. It was famous for making the Hollywood movie “The Beach”. The sea is clear and the sand is white and delicate. Many classic photos of the Phi Phi islands are taken here. However, there are no corals in this area, and tropical fish are rarely seen.

Maya Bay is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Although the beach is not large, it is white. The cliffs of hundreds of meters are extraordinary, protecting Maya Bay like a huge hand. The water is blue and the shore is dotted with delicate coconut trees. It has the typical tropical island atmosphere, making it very suitable for taking pictures and diving.

Speedboats from Phuket or Ko Phi Phi Don to Ko Phi Phi Le or Maya Bay for a 1-day snorkeling trip cost around 1,000 Baht per person, and 3200 Baht for a deep diving trip. Of course, you can also choose to take the long-tail boat, the price ranges from 500-800 Baht. You can find an agent to book after arriving in the local area. It usually starts around 9:00 am and ends around 15:00 pm, which includes round trip transfers and simple lunch.

Departing from Phuket, it takes more than an hour by speedboat one way. It is recommended that older people do not go there, as it is easier to get tired. Generally, for departure from Ko Phi Phi Don, you can participate in speedboat half-day or one-day excursion, the time will be more abundant. The water for snorkeling is very clear, but Maya Bay is always overcrowded. Pay attention to safety when you are playing and keep your belongings.

In addition to snorkeling, there are several famous attractions on Ko Phi Phi Le, such as Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, and Lover Beach. If you take the long-tail boat, you can go around the island to take some visits to them.

Koh Samui Restaurants Comparison

Green Bird Restaurant

The food in the restaurant has various rice set, such as chicken rice set, beef rice set, seafood rice set. The so-called rice set is very similar to the Chinese rice bowl. One plate contains one rice and one stir-fried dish. The portion is just right, and it is more in line with the average girl’s appetite, if it is not enough, you can order other food, the price is very cheap anyway. The best-selling dish in the restaurant is the seafood set rice, which contains shrimp, crab, and scallops, and they are stir-fried into the hot and sour flavor. It is delicious and refreshing with a glass of freshly squeezed watermelon juice. And the total price is only 90 baht.

Zazen Restaurants

Zazen Restaurant in Koh Samui is a five-star restaurant belonging to the Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa. It is ranked among the top ten restaurants in the world and has won many world-class dining awards. Dining here is a physical and mental enjoyment. The restaurant has a full range of cuisines with a variety of flavors. The specialties include pineapple rice, hot and sour chicken, lemon fish, grilled cuttlefish, curry crab, nut seafood salad, lobster, tom yum soup, and soft shell crab.

Juzza Pizza 2 Restaurant

Juzza Pizza 2 is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Koh Samui. Although the restaurant has a simple appearance, it still does not hide its unique style. The restaurant’s cuisine is mainly pizza and there are also common Thai dishes. The price of each dish is relatively affordable, and it is cost-effective in Koh Samui, so many people come to eat here every day. The restaurant’s cuisine includes prawn pasta, creamy mushroom soup, Italian pizza dumplings, Pizza / Chicago Style pizza, and more.