Phuket Nightlife: Best Phuket Bars Reviews

1. Hard Rock Cafe Phuket was established in November 2009 and is located on the main road in central Patong. This is a gorgeous two-story building with a spacious outdoor stage that is very lively at night. The band’s excellent acting skills and super cool atmosphere bring infinite joy to the audience. For those who love rock music, this is a very great place for you to enjoy the nightlife in Phuket.

Address: 48/1, Ruamjai Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket

Phone: +66-7-6366381

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 02:00 a.m.

2. If you want to find a place to relax and vent, then Red Hot is definitely the perfect place for you. After 20:00 o’clock every night, live band performances and sultry dances make all the people here feel excited so much. Red Hot offers a range of gourmet foods at an affordable price, and it’s a great night club to enjoy yourself fully.

Address: Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket

Opening hours: 12:00 at noon – 02:00 a.m.

3. Rock City is home to heavy metal and hard rock music on Patong Beach in Phuket. At least four different styles of bands perform every night there. The music begins to burst with the coming of the night, and the musicians and singers will interact with the audience from time to time, and the cool atmosphere of the scene make people full of sympathetic feelings.

Address: Pee Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket

Opening hours: 20:00 p.m. – 02:00 a.m.

4. Rockin’ Angel Blue Cafe is a bit different from other Phuket music bars because there is only one kind of music, the blues. It is featuring the American retro store interiors decoration, with dim lighting, and red wall hangings with all kinds of old records and music posters. The like-minded music lovers will be toasting here to make your Phuket nightlife no longer monotonous!

Address: 55 Yaowarat Road, T. Taladyai, A. Muang, Phuket Town, Phuket

Phone: +66-8-96549654

Opening hours: 17:00 p.m. – 01:00 a.m.(closed on Monday)

Top Three Major Seafood Markets in Phuket

1, Banzaan fresh market is the largest seafood market in the region, with fresh seafood and fruit and vegetables on the first floor. After purchasing the seafood, you can take them to the second floor to cook directly and you can eat the fresh food there! The price is too high and needs to be counter-offered. Banzaan Fresh Market in Phuket is Phuket’s most well-known market and its location is superb good. Because the price is affordable and the amount of seafood is enough, in 2013, it basically became a must-see seafood market for foreigners to travel to Phuket, so you may need to queue to dine in the restaurant there.

Business hours: Open during the day, close after 17:00-18:00, and the gate will become a night market!

Address: outside the back door of the jungceylon in Patong

2, Rawai Seafood Market is also well-known market in Phuket which is located in the southernmost part of Phuket. The locals are selling seafood on the side of the road by the seaside, and they are also processing the seafood for Phuket restaurants. Compared with the Banzaan fresh market, the scale of the Rawai Seafood Market is small, the environment is poor, and the price is slightly lower. If you travel from Patong for visiting it, the fare is more expensive. Rawai Seafood Market has been popular since 2013 because the price is significantly cheaper than the Banzaan Fresh Market and the seafood is fresher!

Business hours: open during the day

Address: Rawai beach, Rawai area, phuket island, and you can search and navigate with Google map

3, Kata Fresh Market is a local seafood farmer’s market. There are not many seafood stalls, mainly are selling freeze seafood and fruit. After buying seafood in the market, come out and find a restaurant to process. The scale is small, but the price is much cheaper and the amount is sufficient. There is basically no room for bargaining here.

Opening hours: 11:00 to 21:00 during Monday and Thursday

Address: Kata Beach, it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the beach.

Navigation: After arriving in Phuket, search for Kata Fresh Market with Google Map.

Koh Samui Sabeinglae Seafood Restaurant

Although Koh Samui is full of restaurant shops, the really delicious restaurants are often hidden in the deep lane.

The Sabeinglae restaurant in Koh Samui is an old-fashioned restaurant that specializes in a variety of seafood dishes. The Sabeinglae restaurant enjoys a high reputation in Koh Samui and has been appreciated and recommended by the King of Thailand. As a result, a large number of visitors come here every year to enjoy the seafood at Sabeinglae Restaurant.

Samui Sabeinglae Restaurant is located on the southernmost side of Lamai Beach, on the right side of Hin Ta Hin Yai, more than 200 meters from the island’s famous tourist attraction. Coupled with the unique quaint stone door and the orange signboard on the door, the restaurant is even more conspicuous. Customers around the nearby attractions can reach there directly on foot. If you are a little farther away, you can ride a motorcycle or take a taxi. In the Chaweng area, the itinerary is usually around 20 minutes.

The Sabeinglae restaurant covers a large area and has a spacious interior. The interior of the restaurant is very similar to a large food stall. There are several areas, one of which is dedicated to seafood and the rest is the dining area. Customers can go to the seafood area to find their favorite seafood, and then the restaurant will help you cook, so the seafood at Sabeinglae is very fresh.

The Thai name of the Sabeinglae restaurant is “seafood warehouse”. It can be seen that the seafood in the Sabeinglae restaurant is very rich. The restaurant has specially developed and prepared delicious dishes to meet the needs of many foreign diners. In addition, the restaurant offers other traditional Thai cuisine, and each dish has its own unique taste.

Bangkok National Museum

The Bangkok National Museum was built in 1874 and was previously located in the Grand Palace before moving to this place. In 1926 it became the Bangkok National Museum. In addition to displaying traditional artifacts from various periods in Thailand, the museum began collecting modern art in 1993.

Photographs are prohibited in the Bangkok National Museum and there is staff in each hall. Before entering the exhibition hall, you should save the package. Try not to wear too short clothes for clothing. You are not allowed to wear a hat to visit.

Bangkok National Museum is next to Sanam Luang and Thammasat University, and is only 10 minutes away from the Grand Palace. There is no voice interpreter in the museum, but English interpreters can provide services after 9:30 am on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but reservations are required. It is recommended to make an appointment two weeks in advance. Listening to the explanation may help you better understand Thai history and exhibit information. There is a map inside the hall behind the ticket offica, which specifies the contents and name of the pavilion, but all in English.

The Bangkok National Museum is an open-style design that is beautiful and exotic. In addition to the main exhibition hall in the middle, there are many pavilions next to it, and there are several lotus ponds around. There are grasshoppers and benches, like the soundproof walls, which block the noise outside the hall, to allow visitors to stay here to quietly appreciate the charm.

After entering the entrance of the Bangkok National Museum, you can see the Thai History Gallery and the Prehistoric Gallery, which tell the history of Thailand from ancient times to the present, from prehistoric times to modern times in detail. A number of surviving components, wood carvings and boats of ancient buildings are placed next to the promenade. Behind the prehistoric corridor, it is the red building, which is a house made of teak, and the red appearance is very eye-catching.

Koh Samui Juzza Pizza 2 Restaurant: Taste the Best Pizza in Koh Samui

Juzza Pizza 2 restaurant is located in the alleys of the Fisherman’s Village in Koh Samui, which is close to Fisherman’s Village Pier, and it is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Koh Samui. The restaurant food is made up of Italian and Thai cuisine that are very popular. In addition to pizza, the restaurant has many other specialties that are worth a try.

The Juzza Pizza 2 restaurant is located by the Borphut Beach. The restaurant is small in size and looks ordinary. The signboard of the restaurant is also very simple. Except for the name of the restaurant on the eaves, it is an oval sign. It is blocked by several wires. There are several potted plants in front of the door, and there are two small temples with garlands hanging on the small temple. Although the appearance of the restaurant is not very eye-catching, it still does not hide its unique style.

The Juzza Pizza 2 restaurant’s most popular pizza is called Pizza/Chicago Style. The pizza dough is medium-sized and the thickness is just right. You can eat the noodles and eat the food on it. The crisp texture of the pizza dough and the taste of the food are well integrated. This pizza will have some beef and pork and Parmesan cheese, which is both sweet and sour, and the cheese is smooth and delicious.

The price of the food in the Juzza Pizza 2 is relatively affordable and it is cost-effective throughout Koh Samui. The price of a typical pizza is 200 Baht to 350 Baht, and the overall pasta will be 30 Baht to 50 Baht cheaper. The cost of a meal is around 20- 30 dollars.

Phone: +667 7245 662

Address: 6/3 Moo 1 | Suratthani 84320, Ko Samui

Koh Samui Restaurants: Bang Por Seafood Restaurant

Bang Por Seafood Restaurant is located in the Bangor District, close to the seafood restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel. There are several restaurants in the vicinity that are also open by the sea. In contrast, this environment of the Bang Por Seafood Restaurant is inferior, but since it is popular among the locals, how can you miss it to taste the delicious food of Samui! Sit down there and order a green coconut to quench your thirst. The coconut juice tastes great, and remember to eat the coconut meat, which is very sweet.

Thai-style oysters: The oysters here are particularly sweet and delicious, with some salty taste of sea water as they are near Nathorn pier. They are for sale at the price of 40 baht per oyster. First dig out the oysters and put a variety of sauces. The addition of the sauce makes the oysters remove the astringency, so that it is sweeter, and it looks beautiful. The seafood here is really fresh and varied, and the mussel is also very big.

Sea urchin salad: sea urchin kelp is a cold dish, and the sea urchin flavor is rich and fresh, with a refreshing kelp, it offers you a magical taste. Shrimp sashimi: Shrimp sashimi after chilling shrinks, and it is more elastic. First eat a Shrimp sashimi with original taste to feel the crisp and sweet taste of the raw shrimp, and then simmer the sauce with lemon juice, fish sauce and garlic.

Charcoal big-eyed chicken fish: This is a common type of marine fish. The fish is strong and delicious. And it is not found in the cultivation, so it is the pure natural food. A variety of ways to eat are good choices, charcoal-fired seafood is even more delicious. It is said that this fish is not simple, the price is not cheap, and the beauty effect is very good, although the taste is sour. In the end, you need to pay a total of 1,605 baht.

Address: 56/4 Moo 6, Tambon Mae Nam, Amphur Koh Samui, Suratthani

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Phone: +66-77-420-010

Krabi Seafood Restaurants: Apsara & PAK NAM


Apsara is a small restaurant which is located near the seaside temple in the old town of Lanta. It’s like a little gem that is not easily found. If it’s not because it is highly recommended by netizens, you will definitely miss the chance to taste the most delicious Thai food in Krabi. There are only a few tables in the restaurant, although it is small but has its own style. The lobby is a cafe and when you go through the kitchen to the back of the restaurant, you will arrive at the dining area which is facing the sea. The signature dish is a 3-flavored grilled fish, which is arguably the best fish on Krabi Island. Every bite is very enjoyable!

There are also delicious Tom sticks, papaya salad and delicious mango sticky rice. There is also the great Thai tea! And the price is very affordable, the sea view is great, and you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset of Lanta Old Town. The most surprising thing is that the attentive staff in the restaurant can speak English well, without a hint of Thai accent.

Address: 11793 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005

Opening hours: 11:00–21:00 during Monday to Saturday , 12:00–21:00 on Sunday

Phone: (503) 646-0906


PAK NAM seafood restaurant is located in krabi town on the dock to the five-star Rayavadee hotel, and it is facing the sea. The seafood in the restaurant is fresh. The price is relatively affordable. And this restaurant is already regarded as the designated canteen by a lot of people. When you enjoy the comfortable sea breeze, you can also order a coconut for a drink and order some seafood to taste. You will feel that the happiness index of life is steadily increasing. Per capita consumption ranges from 100-200. This restaurant is grandly featured on the Krabi TV show. It is currently necessary to reserve a table in advance if you want to go to the PAK NAM restaurant.

Krabi Restaurants: L. Maladee Restaurant

If you need to choose the best seafood restaurant with the best scenery in Krabi, it will really a hard thing because when it comes to the deliciousness of Krabi, there are really so many choices for you. On the verge of the Andaman Sea, Krabi has a rich source of fresh seafood and a variety of spices. Picking a good restaurant is the essence of tasting the Krabi seafood dishes. But Krabi has many seafood restaurants, which seafood restaurant can not only enjoy the beautiful sunset, but also taste the unique seafood?

Maladee Restaurant

L.Maladee is the best restaurant in the Klong dao / Saladan area. The restaurant is very popular during the peak season and needs to be booked in advance. But in the off-season, the boss will close the store and take a rest. So, if you want to taste delicious seafood there, be sure to contact the restaurant in advance. The restaurant is hidden by the sea and is decorated in a pure Thai style. The address is a bit far away and you need to take a tuk tuk. L.Maladee’s seafood is fresh seafood. Whether it is lobster, crab or pimp shrimp, it is caught and weighed on the spot.

Most of the dishes in the L.Maladee restaurant are authentic Thai food, as long as you want to eat Thai food, L.Maladee’s menu is available. The spring rolls are beautiful, and there is no oil and the taste are very fresh. Red Thai curry is full of flavor and heat. The spicy Tom Yam Shrimp Soup is delicious. The best dish is called the banana dessert, which is made with baked bananas and ice cream, to be rustic and delicious, and it is matched with banana fritters, and this amount is enough for four people to eat. The restaurant also presented fruit bowls and ice water. The waiters are very enthusiastic and the communication is also great.

Maladee Restaurant Address: 75/1 Moo 1 Saladan, Ko Lanta District, 81150 Thailand

Opening hours: 17:00–22:00

Phone: +66 87 891 3149

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is located on the ground floor of Siam Paragon. Find a rounded sinking place and you will see it when you go down. It is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. In addition to the Undersea Tunnel, you can also take a glass boat to overlook the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. There are also small exciting penguins. Adults and children are suitable to visit the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. The jellyfish pavilion has a large round sofa bed where you can sit and lie down and enjoy the changing color of the shaking jellyfish.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World’s scale is not very large, but there are many tropical marine lives. The design of Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is very clever and interesting and amusing. It is recommended to take the children to enjoy the wonderful world there. The only downside is that the tickets are slightly more expensive. There are no traditional training shows at the Ocean Park, just feeding shows a few times a day, and it’s clear that they are trying to protect Marine life.

You can take the BTS and get off at Siam Station and exit at Exit 5. It is also home to the largest business district in Thailand, with many large shopping centers. If you plan to go to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, you can arrange your shopping on the same day. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is relatively large, with a variety of underwater animals, clownfish, sharks, jellyfish, etc. and there are performances that children will like, so, if the family is traveling with children, it is highly recommended! After finishing playing at the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, you can eat at the mall as there are also dining upstairs, and you can play there for 1 day.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World basically has large glass steel inside for you to watch the animals safely and you can also watch the fish and sea turtles in the sea bottom, and there is interactive time for family, and the air conditioning equipment is very good. It will be a satisfactory trip for you to enjoy the entertainment in Bangkok, Thailand.

Chiang Mai Nightlife: Nophaburi Bar

If you really have a high pursuit of cocktails, if you have different requirements for the taste of the wine, then you have come to the right place: Nophaburi Bar. The price of Nophaburi Bar is definitely not low in the local area, but the quality is not uncommon. The bartender, which stands out from the World Barista Competition and the Bacardi Bartending Competition, is not available everywhere. The wine list is full of special cocktails, many of which are made with locally produced rum. There are also some homemade soaked specialty wines. The ingredients used in the juice and blending are all freshly squeezed, which smell great. Different wines use different ice cubes and different shakers, with different shake methods, and the vessels that carry the wine are also very special.

Bartender’s sincere heart of the craftsman came into being. With the appreciation of the bartender, you will get to know a lot of familiar friends. Sometimes they will also send guests who have drunk more to go home. This small and inconspicuous bar on the side of the road, even is equipped with a Dj, and is playing music every day, making it quite emotional. The furnishings and decoration of the bathroom also make you awake when you enter into there! So, you must feel it yourself to enjoy the surprise. The second floor may be the last store closed in Chiang Mai! It is closed at 0:00 o’clock with the bar. If you are a person who likes being social, how can you not get into the bar?

In fact, more bars in Chiang Mai are hidden in the small corners that pass by inadvertently. Their tastes and attitudes to life are hidden in the details, and the overall feeling they bring to you is also part of your impression of the small town. The story in the small town is made up of everything we do every day. In short, Nophaburi Bar is a great place for you to enjoy nightlife in Chiang Mai.