Bangkok Shopping: Central World

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Central World is one of the largest shopping centers in Southeast Asia. Therefore, shopping in Thailand should not miss such landmark. Central World is always lively all the time.

Outside World Central, smiles can be seen everywhere. The brands compete with each other, and it is one of the best place to take photos to share in the Instagram. Almost everyone is using the mobile phone camera to shoot.

The interior of the Central World is equally lively, and you will feel very exciting when you find the discounts of various brands there.

A dedicated “large store” covers with an area of 2,000 to 8200 square meters, including SuperSports, PowerBuy, B2S, Central Food Hall, SB Furniture and Toys ‘R’ Us. It has 35 flagship brands including Zara, Miss Sixty and Timberland, as well as 36 “first-class stores” such as the Japanese brand Uniqlo and the British brand Next.

Here, Central World is Bangkok’s largest Victorian secret flagship store, with sexy style store and cute girl style store, from underwear, to home clothes, to bathing fragrances and so on. There are also sexy photos of various Victorian models on the wall, and all kinds of wings are exciting in the store.

In addition to the various brands in the general mall, Central World also has a special souvenir and gifts point of sales. From gourmet MAMA instant noodles, seaweed, to Thai national cosmetics SnailWhite snail cream, Thailand’s first makeup brand Mistine, everything is available here.

Service Center of the World Center:

Each entrance to Central World has a striking red and white service desk. Fill out a form here and you will receive a discount card and enjoy a 5% discount at the designated store. Also, be sure to pick up a map here so you can quickly find your favorite brand.

Bangkok Restaurants Recommendations

When you are looking for the best restaurants to enjoy the delicious food in Bangkok, here are two recommendations for you:

Recommendation one: Somboon Seafood

When it comes to Bangkok, many people will recommend Somboon Seafood. The most famous cuisine of Somboon Seafood is the curry crab.

There are many branches stores of Somboon Seafood. You can go to the Somboon Seafood in Central World. If you are afraid of queuing, you can go early. Because the business is really good.

You can order the famous curry crab, pure meet crab version and original version with shell are optional. For the shell version, although with a crab shell, it is quite tasty. The meat inside the crab claws is very delicious, and it is fresh and sweet.

Thai classic Tom Yum Kung can not be missed, although each taste is different, this one’s spicyness is beyond the tolerance of many people, but still very delicious.

When you eat lobster, you can sip a spoonful of orange and yellow lobster brain and add the sauce. If you eat it with bibimbap, it is super delicious.

The Somboon Seafood in the Central World is very cost-effective and delicious. Other fried spinach, mango glutinous rice, fried silk noodles there are all worth mentioning.

Address: Siam Square One Building Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan

Recommendation two: Kyo roll en

The Japanese-style dessert shop kyo roll en on the third floor of Central World is very elegant and easy to attract attention.

The limited edition of the central world Kyo roll en that is highly recommended: the story of peach. It has a wonderful taste, with cakes, yoghurt and jelly. The peach smoothies in the peaches are so refreshing with a slightly sour taste.

Matcha is also the main product of Kyo roll en. Matcha dorayaki, matcha cake rolls, matcha ice cream are all with a strong matcha flavor, which are not sweet but mellow.

For the drinks there, in addition to a variety of milk teas, hot tea is also recommended.

Address: Third floor of central world, 999/9 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan

Asiatique Ferris Wheel

Asiatique Ferris Wheel is a large Ferris wheel in Thailand. The huge Ferris wheel emits the purple glow at night, and at the same time it changes color. There will be live music on the square in front of the Ferris wheel, creating a very dreamy scene.

This is a very special place to enjoy the nightlife in downtown Bangkok. It is adjacent to the riverside and has a huge Ferris wheel as a symbol, so it is also called the Ferris Wheel Night Market. Every day around 16:00 pm, the merchants start to open stores. In the night market, there are selling the clothes with local characteristics, daily necessities, cosmetics, food, snacks and various special gadgets. At night, the lights are bright, the night scenes are very beautiful,and it is full of crowded people, and it feels very good.

The whole night market is very new in scale and very dazzling. You can choose local clothes, cosmetics, spices, snacks and groceries here. If you are serious about shopping, it is estimated that you can’t finish shopping in this Ferris Wheel Night Market in three hours. If you haven’t been there before and you are interested in this place, it is are visiting! The towering Ferris wheel, the dreamy carousel, the dazzling array of goods and the scent of food everywhere, making the Ferris wheel night market very lively.

The Asiatique Ferris Wheel Night Market on the Chao Phraya River is a great place to experience the local nightlife. It is very fun among all kinds of night markets in Bangkok. The snacks in the night market here are very rich, the price is 20-30 baht more expensive than other night markets, but you can afford it, and it is really romantic to taste the food under the Ferris wheel. In the night market, there is a small shop which is specializing in durian desserts, and the durian smoothie is super delicious. People who likes durian should not miss it.

Poda Island

Poda Island is the largest island near the surrounding waters, and it is about 20 km south of Koh Lanta and it takes less than 20 minutes by speedboat to arrive there. The warm and crystal clear waters around the island are perfect for diving, and there is the opportunity to meet beautiful tropical cartoon fish or dive to watch the beautiful coral reefs. And it has become the must-see attraction during your trip to Krabi. At the end of the beach, occasionally there are monkeys on the island, and locals often feed them with food.

Poda Island is relatively low-key, as it has no strong commercial atmosphere, and is not crowded with tourists. But there are funny plays that belong to Poda Island, where you can snorkel, explore cave, climb rock, appreciate the cave paintings and more. If you are to charter a car to arrive there, you can book it online in advance, or you can go to the local agent to find an agent. The price is about 2,000 baht a day.

The scenery of Poda Island is really beautiful, and it is completely in line with the sunny beaches in the heart of many people. The sand is very thin, walking on the beach you will feel it very soft. Slowly walking from the beach to the sea, you can see the shallow water is very clear, and you can see your feet. The blue color of the sea has been gradually changing to the distance, and becoming deeper and deeper, and it looks like a dream when you are watching the scenery. When the weather is very good, the clouds float in the distant sea.

Unlike the crowded tourists in Pattaya, the people on Poda Island are very few. In addition to those people who are snorkeling or swimming, there are as well as bikini beauty, but most of them are foreigners, showing that how much the foreigner like this beach. The view here is wide, the sea water is translucent and it looks like the dark blue jelly color, the water quality is good and there is no strange smell. If you want to play with water, remember to put your phone camera in a waterproof bag.

Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks

Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks means “grandfather stone and grandmother stone” and is one of the must-see landscapes for photographers who come to Koh Samui. These two strange stones are named for their appearance which look like sexual organs of men and women.

Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks is located in the south of Lamai Beach. The grandfather stone stands straight on the rock. The grandmother stone is more than a hundred meters away. It is hidden in the rough sea and can only be seen clearly when it is at low tide.

Due to the large number of large stones scattered around it, Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks is also a place for tourists to enjoy sunbathing frequently. You can touch a little coconut oil and lie quietly to get in touch with the sun there.

In addition, the path to the Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks is also a shopping street where coconut products are worth buying, such as coconut jelly and coconut shell products.

Departing from the East Coast Hotel, passing the “Chaweng Beach”, in the south of the “Lamai Shipwreck”, and then driving along the 4169 road to the southwest, then you are going to arrive at the  Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks scenic spots, and there will be a big sign indicating that a short walk along the trail will take you to the Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks! The most famous landscape on Lamai Beach is the  Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks. Nature’s ingenuity shapes the natural rock into a shape similar to the male and female reproductive organs. For the locals who believe in religion, this is a gift from heaven and a blessing. The Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks scenic spot features the rushing water and it is not recommended to play in the water. This attraction has a special product which is called “Karame Cake” that are recommended to buy some to taste. At the exit of the scenic spot, there is a dessert shop selling ice cream. The durian and coconut-flavored ice cream are super delicious.

Phuket Weekend Market

Phuket Weekend Market is the busiest market in Phuket. There are more than 400 stalls selling food and clothing, where visitors can find cheap second-hand goods and handmade boutiques. Since people there are generally locals, the price of the goods is generally cheaper in Phuket Weekend Market. There are a variety of cooked food stalls in the market, where visitors can taste the snacks while going shopping. Phuket Weekend Market can be said to be a shopping destination in the local area with very high cost-performance, so friends who want to buy cheap items in Thailand can take a visit there.

Phuket Weekend Market is Phuket’s largest and most famous weekend market in Thailand. If you walk slowly, you can go shopping there for a day. The booths are very dense and various, and the clothes and fruit accessories can be bought at a very low price here.

Phuket Weekend Market is not the same as the night market. It is a night market that only opens on weekends. It not only has food, but also some more small goods, as well as some local clothes. Of course, some local clothes may not be suitable for every people to wear, but the market looks very lively, and it becomes more and more lively when the night gets darker and darker.

Phuket Weekend Market has very normal sanitary conditions and is very crowded. The fried ice cream here is very delicious. If you are a durian fan, you definitely like the durian in this market. There are also many stalls selling fried foods, and the grilled pork chops are especially delicious in the Phuket Weekend Market.

You can drive a Motorcycle to the Phuket Weekend Market. It is still relatively close to the central department store. If you want to know the local characteristics, the Phuket Weekend Market is still worth a visit. It is worthy recommending to people who want to go to night market. Just don’t miss it.

Big C Jungceylon

Big C is very popular in Thailand and is a shopping hotspot for many foreign tourists. Because the goods in Big C are cheap, many local products and snacks are unique to Thailand. Big C Jungceylon is huge in scale, and you can spend a long time in it, and it will also implement tax rebate promotions from time to time.

It is a large supermarket, where things of fruits, snacks, specialty products are very diverse, and are at cheaper prices. When you come to the Big C Jungceylon, you will feel liking going to the shopping paradise, from where anything can be bought casually. There is also an area inside which sells medicines and makeup. Some things are cheaper than that of in the Boots at the door. You can compare the price at the door.

Big C is in the shopping supermarket inside Big C Jungceylon. Although there is only one floor, there are still a lot of things. You can buy things that you want to bring back to the country, such as Nestle Coffee. There are also some Thai specialties, such as dried mango, Tom Yum Kung soup bag, and some squid strips, etc. Anyway, the things brought back are basically good value for money. You can choose UnionPay or Alipay when you check out. There are a variety of payment options available. There is also a courier at the door, which can send your items directly to your doorstep from Phuket, Thailand. After all, the logistics transportation is really convenient nowadays.

Big C Jungceylon is very rich in things that are cheap and good. When you get in the Big C Jungceylon, you can see a large number of trolley cases, which is really very convenient to enjoy shopping for travelers. The fruit inside is very good and the milk has a lot of varieties. Shopping in Big C, you will be completely feel very enjoyable and satisfied.

Ao Phang Nga National Park

Phang Nga is located 75 kilometers northeast of Phuket. It is known as the most beautiful place on the island. There are hundreds of unique limestone islands, and the name of the island is very consistent with its shape. In addition, there are wonderful stalactite cave and countless strange rocks and sea caves.

In 1981, Phang Nga was declared to establish national park. More than 80% of the Ao Phang Nga National Park’s area is covered by the Andaman Sea. There are over 42 large and small islands, including Boi Yai Island, Phanak Island, Hong Island, Panyi Island and the famous 007 Island.

There are many straight cliffs on these islands. At the time of the ebb, people can enter the caves of some islands and explore the hidden lagoon. The most popular caves include bat caves, mangrove caves, diamond caves and room caves. You can change to a small kayak at the entrance of the cave. One kayak is for two people, and you will enter under the guidance of a professional crew. Each cave has different shapes, some are wide and some are narrow. It is both thrilling and safe.

The Ao Phang Nga National Park consists of many large and small tidal channels, that pass through large mangroves from north to south and are now waterways for fishermen. It has the largest mangrove forest in Thailand. In addition, there are many abundant plankton in the waters of the national park, which are small plants and animals that float on the water. And there is intact natural ecosystem.

The climate in Ao Phang Nga National Park is tropical marine climate and is characterized by high rainfall and year-round high temperatures. However, don’t worry about the rain that will affect the play in Ao Phang Nga National Park because there is often a phenomenon of being rainy on the west side while being sunny on the east side of the park. So, just fully enjoy yourself in the Ao Phang Nga National Park.

Wat Chalong

Located in Chalong Bay in the south of Phuket, Wat Chalong is one of the most famous temples in Thailand and the largest Buddhist temple in Phuket. It is the spiritual sustenance of many local residents.

How to go to the Wat Chalong?

Wat Chalong is about 8 kilometers from Phuket Town and takes about 20 minutes by car. You can take the No. 402 road from the north and south of Phuket to the west road of 4021 and head for Promthep Cape for about 7 km. It is located on the left side of the road. It is marked by the golden stupa of the tallest building. You can turn left into the path from the main road to directly see the entrance to the Wat Chalong.

The temple combines the architectural styles of southern, central and northeastern Thailand and is the oldest and most famous temple in Phuket with a history of more than 100 years. Taking off your shoes are required to enter the temple. Girls who wear short sleeves and short skirts need be wrapped in a salon. The salon at the door is free.

Wat Chalong is not very large. The main attractions for the tour are the main hall, the stupa, the original site of the temple and the temple of the old ancestral temple. In the place where the main hall is closest to the entrance, the exterior decoration is the most dazzling, and the bronze statues of the three stilts are enshrined for worshippers. Among them, Luang Pucheng was a abbot of the temple at the beginning of this century. His bone-laying skills are quite famous. He was awarded the title of special priesthood.

There is a four-faced Buddha at the entrance to the main hall of the Wat Chalong, and the incense is very strong. There is a pavilion opposite the biggest hall, and the lotus, incense, and gold foil that are used for the Buddha are free. There is also a merit box next to it, and no one guards it. You can consciously put the coins in if you are interested.

Ko Tao

There are three types of diving in Ko Tao: One is professional scuba diving, the second is snorkeling, and the third is free diving. If you have only 1 full day at Ko Tao, you can join the Ko Tao snorkeling day trip from the island’s travel agency, which usually includes 5 diving sites, and the price is 750 baht / person, including meals, pick-up and so on. Of course, if you want to learn to dive or be a senior diver, you can also take part in the four-day diving course. You can get a diving license after passing the exam. Usually, you need to pay around THB 9,800 for four days, including accommodation, equipment, ferry, lecturer fees, PADI certification fees and meals. The prices on the island are very open, basically are at this price.

At present, there are three submersible stores with good reputations for diving: Ban’s, Buddha View and Crystal. According to the recommendation of most netizens, there are the most people choosing Ban’s because it is located on the island’s liveliest Sairee Beach, the accommodation is very good, the coach is very good and is very dedicated and rigorous.

The four-day itinerary consists of watching the diving instructional film at the first day, the pool course at the second day, the first-time diving course at the third day and the completion course at the fourth day. Be careful not to eat too much when diving, there are biscuits, hot tea and coffee on the boat. After all, diving is a very labor-intensive activity, you can bring some chocolate and sports drinks. Pay attention to the coach’s guidance when diving in Ko Tao, and pay more attention to the coach’s gesture.

In the four-day course, the combination of work and rest is very much needed in Ko Tao. It is definitely a wise choice do a massage at the beach. There are many small massage shops on Ko Tao. The price of Thai massage is basically 300 baht per hour. It is very necessary to have a massage to relax yourself after diving in Ko Tao.